Then the doctor said for me to go to the Olympics, won’t be “

גל רונן. צילום: דובר צה”ל

Despite a hereditary disease as diagnosed, Ronen was able to pass the medical committees and to serve in the IDF paratroopers brigade. This week, despite all odds, he was empowered as Commander of

תאריך: 24/06/2012, 21:23    
מחבר: נעמי רוט, ענף תקשורת, דובר צה”ל

I’ve always wanted Kevin to wave server icon. When he was in seventh grade he has been identified an inherited disease that creates holes in the lungs. Despite the illness and after many struggles, managed a wave to get 1A and this week became from the paratroopers brigade.

“In seventh grade an inherited disease diagnosed in our family had the disease actually creates
Holes in the lungs. After I discovered the disease moved and tzintor me some tears. Not
Told about the disease except a few close friends and family, no one knew about, wavenumber (20) came in.

Despite the illness, he managed to pass the medical committees in preparation for the draft. “I reported the disease during the first order, so that is not revealed in the situation later and make it harder for the sequel. I really wanted to serve in combat, and medical committees to obtain a profile and join, “he describes. In high school, the wave sailing and racing boats
Sailing. In the light of the maritime wave sports machine that gets the profile. “After the surgery I underwent told me except ltzelol I can do anything. Although it’s not confirmed
Combat Profile, I don’t forget the Committee told me-you go to the Olympics, you won’t be.

After not receiving combat Profile, enlisted military police, wave to the brigades. Already
In boot camp he went to the doctor, please upload the profile. The doctor chose to pitch to him and helped him reach a number of committees. During the last inauguration in the wall at the end of the boot camp of the military police, he promised his mother that got through. “The military police’s inauguration was the most clicked through. My mom didn’t believe when I get there.
Again, I promised her I would swear there next cycle once again with biretta paratroopers “.

After going a lot of motivation was able to wave for paratroopers as wanted: “I couldn’t get to the engineering company as part of the tour. I went to מ”כים and this week, on Wednesday after completing the course, go back to the warriors and company.”

Surge of motivation all along, he lay in the service of big brother in the paratroopers brigade and another brother in Magellan. “There is also the matter of contribution, you learn a lot about yourself and develop your character. You meet a reasonable military worlds
Probably not meet. Many people have done it before and now it’s my turn to do it, “describes a wave.

The week was empowered as Commander of wave in the paratroopers brigade. At the end of the course gets them promoted, soldiers will continue to serve as a soldier in the regiment.

Translated from Hebrew