They have a great country.

צילום: הדס דובדבני, אתר צה”ל

A new project of “ERETZ nehederet,” fresh formation combat veterans in the country for 10 days and are familiar with Rugby land – through the legs.

תאריך: 04/06/2012, 15:51    
מחבר: הדס דובדבני, אתר צה”ל

Curls and long beard, 30 fresh formation combat veterans in the country for 10 days. “ERETZ nehederet,” release is present, but to call it “discovery to Israelis or Israeli veterans campaign” won’t be a total lie but also not true in any form.

Six months ago they year onto a uniform every morning, they receive a gift.
A trip of ten days. “ERETZ nehederet,” Linda Olmert, gave the citizens a fresh focus. The warriors and the Warriors got home a letter offering them a good trip, and values.

“Everyone thought there was entrapment, catch. It was hard to believe they could be a trip
Free so unequivocally, “laughs tour guide, Tomer Cantor. “The idea is that combat troops at the time, it’s hard for them to get to programs like ‘ discovery ‘, not experience a trip of content to our country,” he explains. “Sometimes they say
Me: well, I was in class. Now they’re at the age they can absorb, can connect to Jewish identity. In the age of identity connection release manifests. Older army themand affects the ability to absorb and understand – they are full of curiosity and motivation, “added Cantor.

The program is varied and freshly liberated happy. “There is a balance between tasks
Fun like ATV, Omega, cycling, jeeps, lag baomer and Kings, and the content. These issues aren’t the usual stuff you talk about, but what I see “, at least to me almoalam, released Terry don’t stop to admire the opportunity given to him.

The program is loaded. Among the departures meals in restaurants full privations day bedroom comes in the form of hotels new lmshoharr usually difficult to afford. They met with the Jewish family of pekiin, discussed the issue of
The Ethiopian community in Israel, heard about duties and rights from the Fund to direct veterans, take a bike in the Golan plateau on Jordan, Cliff admire ashana driven between the stones in Hezekiah’s tunnel, photography workshop, etc. Jeeps, fires, volunteering, observations and the discussions of him.

“This is a fun program. Just We’ve known each other, and people here are really good.
Kept our sense of ‘ treat treat treat, give and cannot explain how everything is wonderful and gives a good feeling, “says Tal Steinmetz, former soldier in the game. They all believe that they mamchtb out 10 days.

Last year we started the program. Private donors have “ERETZ nehederet” to open the project in the field. After the pilot decided to continue with the program and now the second time that the Veterans Group, enjoying the ride. They do not visit tourist routes, but Israeli locations – without politics — they have an affinity for Zionism. Something that connects them to history and Jewish identity.

They lead discussions on תנ”כיות figures that are relevant today with an emphasis on leadership:
How landslide followed leader or promise and women as in the case of Deborah. “Joab went commando operation and climbed with a knife between his teeth. He took with him the spirit level and operation, “explains Tomer Cantor at eye level of the target audience.

And people admire. Ask how no. From being envious and want. Sorry I didn’t have this opportunity as shashtharro. Now, women and soldiers.
The fighter formation have the opportunity to see, hear, taste and smell the land of Israel. Especially
Feel that besides waitressing, and sat there another way to experience the civilian life.

Translated from Hebrew