“They shoot us Kiss alive!”

דובר צה”ל

Special network documentation about Navy fighters in the takeover attempt.
Marmara ה”מאבי, proves: aboard the terrorists and peace activists. One of the commanders of the force number: there are terrorists who want to kill us. We used all means in order to hurt sky intact. Who had been hit. “

תאריך: 01/06/2010, 19:30    
מחבר: צערכת אתר צה”ל

Special documentation from the Navy commandos during the takeover.
On the ship “Mermet, reveals that those awaiting fighters aboard were terrorists who have malicious intent and peace activists. Navy fighters met on board people who wanted to kill them, using all means at their disposal, including live weapons.

Navy officer Captain r., who commanded one of the powers during the takeover on a “father”, said today (Tuesday) to IDF waves meet with reality: there are terrorists who want to kill us. I can’t define it differently. We used all means in order to hurt sky intact. Who would have been hit.

Captain r. was stabbed in the stomach and wounded. “After that, I ashtllidi out against some terrorists and stepped up the gun when I saw one of them arrived with a Lupe. I fired one shot, then another 20 terrorists came from all directions, which dropped to the lower decks. I felt that pinch. I saw my belly lies a knife and took her outside. Went downstairs, and I and other team member jumped into the water. A third fighter was wounded in the head, and lost consciousness, “he says.

“We came to something else entirely.”

Another squadron fighter who took part in the takeover of ה”מאבי Marmara, described how fighters shot at the Hall:” I saw two of my friend lying on the ground. The hallway shooting at us all the time, live weapons. Identified, and one of us shoots. Then we went and it wasn’t there. About 30 people, they just
Came into the war. We came to the line, talk to them that go down to the bottom, but every human being that they charge.

“There were guys who got them to the floor below, and download them. They jumped into the sea as a last resort. They told us if they don’t listen, shoot foot ב’פיינט Bull.
This gun if you feel danger not supposed to happen, something completely unusual. But finally it happened.

“We came to stop the ship and take it to Ashdod, instead we have weapons. We came to something else entirely. “

Translated from Hebrew