Think the ש”דור Y no longer willing to contribute to the country?

מתגייסים. צילום ארכיון: דובר צה”ל

The data show a different image: 70 percent of teens marked “donation” as the most important promotion and 90 percent of the amlsh of
High desire to enlist.

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מחבר: מיכל גלברד, אתר צה”ל

גיוסי אוגוסט 2015

“Military service is becoming increasingly required to complete and have the mission to be mtzota. Fewer volunteers volunteer units and command positions, and more driven by considerations of personal convenience.

On the youth of today say they most often selfish because the parents, they are immersed in screens, and are excited to contribute to the country. However, mcottas lines in preparation for prospective program from October 1979, just one year after Ribbon, General Gadi Eisenkot, enlisted in the army, which triggers the question: just how different a generation of fresh recruits joining the army.

“All this talk about ‘ generation Y ‘ exploded ‘ ב’צוק Ethan saw a determined youth willing to pounce.”

Terms like generation Y and Z, or “screens” youth, thrown into the air in relation to native late nineties and the beginning of the new millennium. They are perceived as indibidualistim, close and selfish. Say they impatient, with more attention deficit disorder and physical fitness. The same bullet in Israel of 2015, facing extreme challenges-a security threat and a military operation once every few years.

ב”מיטב, the only one connecting the future, analyze the characteristics of the new generation to meet the candidates for the population. “For me it is much more curious generation, more assertive and more vulnerable to information” indicates a commander, Colonel Eran Monday.
“All this talk about ‘ generation Y ‘ exploded ‘ ב’צוק Ethan saw a determined youth willing to pounce.
In my opinion equally values youth and motivated than its predecessor. In real time, the youngsters choose to go to the most elite units. They day cruisers, and even volunteers to change services, he adds.

Think the ש”דור Y no longer willing to contribute to the country?

It seems that every time the compare negatively to his parents ‘ generation, but when the teen reporting and proves otherwise. “Sometimes there are
Feeling that the mission is in crisis “, the Commander of the national youth and community space in hideous shield, Lieutenant Colonel Samuel bumendil. “But the reality reveals that this is nothing new.
The difficulty existed also in 1999, and today “.

In the shield, responsible inter alia for promoting recruitment, trying to strengthen the readiness among Soloman. “Among teens today, there are many changes that are happening much faster than before,” says Lt. Col. bumendil. “Iron Dome,” and oatssap, and cyber arm didn’t exist five years ago, and each has his way the target wants to enlist Soloman Things I never imagined a few years ago matter today. ‘ Big brother ‘ affects Soloman preferences, as the דאע”ש are on the fence,” he States.

Want to donate but stand on their toes.

Behavioral Sciences Division (studied) following closely monitoring these changes and try to understand what perceptions exist today among teenagers about his military service. Social norms, moral duty, and sense of responsibility for the security of this country.
Are some common reasons that make recruiting the army of ל’מובן in certain social groups. When Soloman asked in November 2014, shortly before their recruitment, “how much do you want to join the IDF, 94 percent of the girls said, and 90 percent of the boys ‘ high levels. This first return group to enlist in the Israel Defense Forces in days.
Those responses continues the trend of gradual increase. “Fifteen years could see an increase in the willingness to enlist among the tailoring, head of the research branch, major dimension medad avidar. It is important to stress that the survey does not include teens who have received exemption from mobilization.

Think the ש”דור Y no longer willing to contribute to the country?


When asked what they think of the prospective subject is most important to Israel these days, 81 percent of respondents answered ‘ State security ‘.
Other entries presented as ‘ social gaps, received lower percentages.

In terms of the IDF, high readiness is not taking the need to boost the boys and significant service. The Commander, Colonel array Raz, responsible for contact with the youth through the recruitment, adds that there is significance to the IDF’s access to properties. “Today’s defensive value similar to that of a decade ago. We fit the multiple stimuli youth dialogue, full of things.
Soon. “


Think the ש”דור Y no longer willing to contribute to the country?

An example is the requirements directed soldiers to commanders. Today’s youth understand and know their rights, and demands fulfilled as expected.
“We opened a service center in order to meet the standards of civil societies. The boys
Quickly, they expect to meet them and ask why we have to send a fax. We’re not saying monopoly should be face to the future, “said Colonel two. Therefore, these days goes well change radically after the connection against Soloman will inter alia in Facebook applications, and the use of fax. “If we weren’t going to lose relevant
Service potential. If your teen won’t be ready first order because of attention deficit disorder, for example, might lose aircraft or the company’s paratroopers.

Negotiations with the IDF

Almost all of the phone calls of service representatives, which tried to persuade and explain why he had to go to a specific setting. Nowadays young people accustomed to easy access to information and open dialogue on a variety of platforms. “Bargaining over the years that the army has responded to the social trends,” explains Captain avidar. At the same time, the idea of haggling at the base and what consideration had ‘ job, not new ideas.
“The expression ‘ cruiser or paperwork is very old expression”, says head. “Survey of the 1950s introduced boys who wanted to be because it was transport drivers.
In the 1970s, Lesh wanted to serve in technical infrastructure to advance professionally.

However, shanoar think about personal benefits, he takes into account the contribution to the State’s satisfaction, and growth. When boys were asked what reasons they prefer
A particular role in who wants to serve in a combat position 70 percent answered ‘ contribution
The country. Among those interested in 55 percent cited “intelligence matter” as the reason
, And 44 percent cited ‘ contribution to the country. Only one fifth of respondents answered ‘ experience relevant to citizenship.

Think the ש”דור Y no longer willing to contribute to the country?


Combat roles are still perceived as most important, and most wanted among men. A prospective survey from November 2014, compared to 2013-13 percent increase was observed among women interested in the role. However, the effects of the technological age and the importance of variable expansion look like intelligence roles and computers, as well as air defense and drones.

Translated from Hebrew