This is the way

דוד סויסה, דוברות מתפ”ש

3 years that the road leading to the monastery of Saint George, in the desert of Judea for over 1,500 years, devastated and cannot be visited. This week the civil administration personnel had completed the construction of a new road. “May we can live here all in symbiosis and friendship,” said Archbishop aristrachus the foil

תאריך: 05/12/2010, 11:14    
מחבר: תמרה שביט

In the heart of the Judean desert near Jericho, since the 5th century St. George’s monastery. It is a Greek Orthodox monastery, one of the oldest monasteries established in the country, and one of six across the Judean desert. Between the mountains, far from the signal.
He carved a cell of the quiet, exemplary is violated only by the sound of the bells.

The way to it. To the monastery is a winding trail two kilometers, and skewed, not weak. But three years ago, access was blocked for another reason. After a major earthquake and several floods, road access and was cracked. This week (Tuesday) it opens again.

On the mission entrusted to the civil administration in Judea and Samaria, the Ministry of tourism and Ministry of transport. For five months, worked on the construction of the road, improving and extending it. Budget: 1.76 million. However, everyone agreed that much greater.

“Thousands of pilgrims arrive here every year,” said Archbishop aristrachus, one of the leaders of the Greek Orthodox community in Israel. “Like sheep they gather to visit. But not only are explored: come here, too, visitors too secular. The monastery is open for brown to visit. “

Col. Ra’ed Mansour, Deputy Head of the civil administration, added: “the Administration to overhaul the way in cooperation with the Government. Did it devotedly and recognising the importance of the monastery, and will allow the faithful and tourists to reach it. But no activity begins and ends here. The civil administration has promoted in recent years projects
Tourist attractions throughout Judea and Samaria. More than 1.2 million tourists came and visited them. During all this action, I am proud to inaugurate today this road too.

Director Ministry of tourism, daring Stud, the inauguration on a road.
“As a teenager I used to travel a lot in the desert,” said. “I was always looking at the deep impression. I am proud to be part of the renewed opening to the public: both Israelis, are pilgrims, both to Palestinians. “

“We appreciate and are grateful to Israeli authorities realized the importance of this place,” said the Archbishop. “I congratulate the arrival. May everyone who comes.
This place gets inspired by the peace and tranquility prevailing. May we all live here in symbiosis and friendship. “


This is the way

  • This is the way

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