This new development will reduce the IDF Eagle

לוחמים. צילום ארכיון: דובר צה”ל

The algorithm is nowadays will pilot the proclamation
Soldiers from the shrine before recruitment roles || Three technology-based network courses allow officers to undergo training on the net

תאריך: 14/05/2015, 11:14    
מחבר: אלעד הלפרין, אתר צה”ל

אגף התקשוב

Reduce: new development in the pilot.
These days will significantly reduce the percentage of soldiers of Eagle’s shrine before recruitment roles. The algorithm developed in teleprocessing and designed to provide forecast about the soldier’s chances to finish the course and his military service in the unit to which the sort officers assigned. This is a decision support tool designed to assist the emergency officers to the corresponding unit soldier on all the available data about the army.
Medical, professional, educational, socioeconomic, etc.

An example of the effectiveness of the system is a conclusion reached in about warriors with inlay of scoliosis in the artillery corps. “During our testing data of the artillery corps, flake identified the most common denominator is scoliosis that don’t hurt the medical profile but is displayed as a subsection,” explained senior expecting. “following the test could tell the emergency officers that soldiers with this Eagle chance section higher than others if the Gunners will complement. However, other forces, such as engineering,
This has been proven invalid, “he added.

Through course-without leaving the Office.

Another model that key teleprocessing is learning. The Division has recently completed the three key technological courses Web based first on, which actually allow officers to undergo training and further training on the net
Without stop work-fixed shaashrot be considered as class officers were physically.

This is a significant technological leap which puts in the forefront of technology education, shmsbib never open universities students can complete courses and degrees via the Internet. This is Martin’s first revolution in future courses, and these days develop Israeli Academy of computer science and cyber (cm) two additional online courses training to shashrot before a match.

In recent years committed teleprocessing change in procurement, which led to savings of tens of millions of dollars. If in the past demanded that Systems Division designed him specifically and specially developed, the trend is to purchase systems that exist in the civilian market and are
Adaptation to צה”ליים needs. “It allows us to make changes that took place in the civilian market to our measures with relative ease and minimal risk,” noted.

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