This practice of reserve forces in 1 the lessons “Cliff”

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For the first time since the operation, the troops came to new format extended training
Which doubled the duration of exercise and increased focus on company level and combined arms team. The Commander of the us 1st in practice should give them the edge. “

תאריך: 20/05/2015, 16:18    
מחבר: נעם ויטמן ונטע לוי, אתר צה”ל

For the first time since operation “Cliff” reached the reserve battalions of the 1
Extended training in new format, that brings to the fore the lessons. A significant change was the extension of the duration of the training of five to ten days, to simulate an operational reality. “Training should simulate the physical and mental difficulties,” explains the IDF commander in site 1, used the reserve Brigade Commander, Colonel AVI Gil. “When it comes to reservists is difficult to visualize their uncertainty and build them a mental strength during
Short “.

The training focused on company level, and for a while practiced each of the combat units held out for
As part of the company team battle. “If in the past we talked about Division and battalion orders capabilities. today we understand that whoever the winner is the company battles, Colonel.
“The regiment must be, but should strengthen the company.

This practice of reserve forces in 1 the lessons “Cliff”

Another lesson that was implemented in “מ”צוק exercise is the focus in tandem. “Infantry battalion
Today, incompetent to fight only with armor, artillery, and air support. This is something that is
Of course regular forces but no reserves “, is a particular.

“We realized that training should bring them to the edge.”

Heat rush felt across the country in recent days has returned some of the fighters to hot summer days that have passed them. “One of the soldiers said that they have dealt with them in with heat stress that kept them in a few hours,” says Colonel Gil. “We realized that training should have them. Operational reality you extreme situations easier to explain it, in practice a Chief leadership. “

“These troops can’t tell them stories about how to run the war-they were there, they know what it is,” said Colonel Gil. “When I look at the people I know if operation or war, I don’t have to fight them, but I will.
That I want. I have confidence, they can perform any task.

This practice of reserve forces in 1 the lessons “Cliff”

According to the Colonel, the regiment has been streamlined in terms of personnel and restructuring of the company. “After the operation, we decided the people who will be only those troops we want that in war, Colonel.

Derive lessons, preparing for future conflict.

The exercise was carried out in Gaza, her sales division is in the last year and a half. Operational context was “loud and clear”, Colonel. The exercise required to handle complex scenarios that characterize the sector,
Some are experiencing ב”צוק”.

This practice of reserve forces in 1 the lessons “Cliff”

Chief visits. Photo: IDF

Nine months ago, the Division was required to prove its expertise when called to action during operation “Cliff”, and proved that it can function equally well regular Division. “The commanders feel that less is producing lessons and implement them,” says Colonel Gil. “We tried to bring the lessons even to the soldiers stopped a lot to learn and we explained what they were doing and why, dishonest ran and practiced.”

Chief, General Gadi Eisenkot, visited practice yesterday and stressed the importance of
The reserve formation. “The array proved last summer the power, has great importance for further training and operational incompetence,” he said.

Translated from Hebrew