This week: air defense exercise, the largest in the history of relations between the IDF and us army

The largest exercise conducted between the two countries aimed to tighten cooperation.
And improving military capabilities. During the exercise, u.s. forces deployed in the country,
Near civilian areas.

תאריך: 20/10/2012, 19:32    
מחבר: מערכת אתר צה”ל

Tomorrow (Sunday) will begin a joint exercise between the IDF and the United States Army’s European command (EUCOM). The exercise, also known as AC12 is the air defense exercise, the largest held so far between the two armies.
These exercises are part of the conventional training program designed to improve interoperability between air defense systems of the armies. AC12 exercise planning began more than two years ago,
And does not come in response to specific events in the region.

The IDF considers this exercise as an opportunity to learn and to establish fruitful cooperation between the armies.
American forces will exercise in the country near civilian areas. Slight movement of troops and a number of roads will be closed for short periods in order to ensure the safety of civilian vehicles. Upon completion of the exercise, United States Army soldiers will return to their homeland.

The exercise will be components of the other Patriot and Al iotamo in the field, including ships.
Armed with the missiles, the Al is part of a long-term agreement between the IDF and EUCOM of cooperative exercises on an annual basis.
The exercise is expected to continue for three weeks with enhanced technology will not exist in the previous joint exercise conducted between the two armies. “Iron dome” system to dial in and exercise, “Sling prospects
And in real time.
Military factor explained that the exercise is not referring to a specific threat in the region but the General scenario and trends. “The scenario and greater zirati
To know how to deal with various threats in the sector, “military factor. The exercise
The common, will focus on the defensive rather than the offensive aspect – and purpose relating to threats against Israel, including rockets and long-range ballistic missile פצמ”רים and lasting.

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