Three youths arrested in a suspected Mukaber attacked 5 years who went near the forest of peace, after a suicide bombing planned rashshlosha boys, residents of Jabel Mukaber,
Arrested two weeks ago on suspicion of involvement in the stabbing happened on, 10.5.16 attacked five
Women who went for forest in Jerusalem – it plenty. The three were interrogated in the Police Department.
And again during the investigation revealed that planned to carry out an attack against Jews, and discuss
So while studies and through social networks.

The investigation revealed that set to meet in the morning.
The day of the attack. They went towards the peace forest as shbersot two knife and axe and waited.
The third suspect was afraid and decided to leave. As women passed them stabbed by
The knife and beat them in a cult of the AX. After the attack, they fled and threw the
The attack. He later returned one of the suspects took them and hid them in their neighborhood.

After the attack, two of the suspects dropped between them.
Social networks and plan to carry out another stab, but they were arrested before they were able to take it out
To be carried out.

Translated from Hebrew