Through the pilots.

צילום: שי וגנר, דובר צה”ל

URI, Tomer and three fresh pilots of the air force,
To the course after a year of service. “Close friends helped us to survive in difficult moments,” they tell

תאריך: 30/12/2011, 15:07    
מחבר: יעל ליבנת, אתר צה”ל

At age eighteen, Deputy Deputy URI decided Tomer and light, reject
The year of recruitment and year of service through the movement in “started”.
Coincidentally, all three set to volunteer in the North. The following year, met
The three, line three years long and eventful than 49 yesterday, on the orders of premises and received his pilot wings shining their estimated time.

The three began their way, through traffic, about six years ago. “We started out Shiva from the nucleus, and finished three. At first it was very significant and we knew we could help-fit in new and unknown “, says Deputy URI. He describes how “throughout the course were selections that only we understand and we had the language
The common is beyond the experience for everyone. It was fun to remember beautiful moments together. The competition along the course failed to separate, who continued to support each other.

Through the pilots.

In difficult moments of course, especially in the last phase it depicts Deputy light pressurizing, the companies had to close. “It was always fun to see a friendly face smiling at you here and there, especially in the beginning when we most need
This, he explains. Deputy Tomer describes how “I always knew I had MS, I can trust and lean on him. Very quickly all of us find his friends but was always fun course have members from home.

Deputy URI that select the course because another young sought to enlist and serve.
Combat role and significant. “I knew I wanted to be a combat role, I could implement myself. That’s why I asked to go to the pilot course. I think that nowadays, recruiting or fundraising role in one of the most important things that everyone in the country should aspire to, “says Lt. URI.

As an apprentice in a course that included a number of the highest-ending in the history of the aircraft, Lt. URI not excited about-ending abogroth. “There is no difference between the sexes,” he says, “I know all the girls they deserve and excellent capabilities one by one and eventually I felt no difference between me and them throughout the course.

The three friends is likely a long way, but a little less stressful, for nine years. The three accompanied her feeling of excitement and happiness in the last week, it revealed ranks, received the prestigious aircraft wings and threw hats into the air as a tradition. The author, who grew up and were educated youth movement based on values, and contribute to the company were slightly different from the one that will contribute in the future, there is no doubt that significant trauma experiences in movement and, to save their relationship, which will continue to grow stronger for many years to come.

Translated from Hebrew