Thrown into the deep end

צילום: דובר צה”ל

Diver course ended today after over a year of work. See
Campers: made in service to prepare military factor, 60% live in the North, 65% learned occupations, 65 percent were real youth

תאריך: 16/12/2014, 22:16    
מחבר: מערכת אתר צה”ל

חיל הים

The Diver course Day ceremony led by Navy Brigadier General Eli רמ”ט sceptre, Haifa base, Brig. Gen. David Saar and submarine flotilla Commander, Colonel j. Understand the course, half enlisted after a service or to prepare military predecessor, 65 percent attended high school in real trends, over 60% of live
In the North while 28 percent live in the South, and 65 percent were youth.

Of course, that attracted over the years, trained staff in various departments, which together make them primary naval strike force makes collecting intelligence in the State of Israel. The divers operate secretly and varied tasks away from the shores of Israel.

These days, when you think about u think about ins “crocodile” who joined the Navy in September. 7 Squadron “is in the process of intensification that were unmatched in the history of the sea arm,” said Brig. Gen. sceptre. “This process is sweeping the entire force. Not every unit
Operationally able to double and triple up in such a short period of time, to acquire new skills and capabilities, all under intensive and operational activity. So I give to your right, 7 Squadron fighters, nachishotkm, professionalism she breathed, staring and quality of fleet commanders. Before u and them carrying weapons, and human quality they actually “Center of gravity.

Translated from Hebrew