Thus began “operation kadesh”, designed to disrupt the Egyptian media in Chinese.

Long shrouded in secrecy training and Egypt border — all just to perform simple cutting scissors. “Scissors” prepared the ground for the success of “operation kadesh”

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מחבר: מיכל ויסברוד, אתר חיל האוויר

The element of surprise played a major role here. Even within Israel, regarding the opening of “operation kadesh” darkness concurred. Kol Israel sent IDF spokesperson’s concise message, according to IDF forces take up positions near the Suez Canal and Fedayeen units in military vulnerability Israel citizens. The goal was to create with the Egyptians the impression that this was a retaliation only. According to the original plan, Dakota was supposed to air misleading dolls near Alliance airport and near Ismailia, and Meteor aircraft T-7 was designed to direct flight route at a height of 30,000
Foot along the Rafah-El Kantara. All part of the deception plan designed to conceal the opening phase of “operation kadesh”.

When the air force Greece hoped to air battalion 890 fighters without discovers, the operation itself was opened in severing the connection — literally — between the Egyptian forces in the Sinai to mpkadotiham. Two osatang planes of the South Squadron “took off in the afternoon in order to cut off the phone in the Sinai Peninsula, which was awarded to the most impressive:” scissors “.

Secret training at Madras

The seemingly simple action required days of preparation. Because a lot of secrecy enveloped the op only planning partner the Mustang real sturdy, VP of training with him Captain Harry krsanstein.

The air force has secretly built a special, hidden at Madras: precise setting of the target, or in other words, four phone wires stretched between columns. The weapon.
He was surprisingly simple: heavy weight that was tied to the tail of the aircraft cable and is designed to rip
The threads.

On 29 October the afternoon briefing was held. Squadron commander major Isaac rebuilds,
To perform the task at all costs, even if you possess ripped from you disconnect cables above the plane, as indeed happened in practice. The inspiration is actually a flower resource unfortunate pilot, accidentally disconnected telephone wires using propeller plane flying stearman model 75 during training at the flight school. In retrospect, the Mustang in a creative solution.

Mustang chicken, cut the sky.

At 2 p.m., took the first plane South toward the remote target of the two established near the Suez Canal. They flew at a height of 100 feet in silence, with internal filling munitions, when the heavy sweetness behind cable. The minutes also took the other, and saw the lines paratrooper who acetopapo at the Dakota, 16 planes, three hours before the historic moment. “Only then felt the urgency of the operation-how big the responsibility upon us” real strong, Deputy

The reality, as usual, has what could possibly go wrong goes wrong. The cables of both planes shut before couples could cut the phone lines. The first couple was able to improvise with the propeller, but the other has found another solution. “I came for the wire and saw not able to rise above them,” said Lieutenant real later.
“I went underneath and went on the other. After it has been started to take wing. The wing cut the strings like butter. “

To date, it is unclear what was the extent of the effect of disconnecting the phone lines.
Although action disrupted the relationship and Egypt refused to read the snapshot, but the headquarters of the cars parked in the area was able to report to the Egyptian army in real-time over the Dakotas and PTOSIS. However, one thing is clear: at 59, sunset, Twilight ended in tznachtam success of 395 paratroopers over Sinai.
The Warriors advanced toward a Parker and even grabbed a nearby ה”מזלג him without resistance. “Operation kadesh”.

Translated from Hebrew