Tighter cooperation with Gaza farmer


In dead Gaza City, careful to separate the terrorist targets and civilian world-productive week dozens of Palestinians visited Israel in Conference, and learn about the latest technologies

תאריך: 06/02/2013, 16:40    
מחבר: נעם ויטמן, אתר צה”ל

Spices, tomatoes and strawberries and a variety of colors are not the first words of shaolot head when it comes to relations with the Gaza Strip. But in fact, although the operation “pillar”, cooperation in agriculture between the headquarters Gaza coordination and liaison
The Ministry of agriculture and the Palestinian Authority continued and deeper over time. “We will continue to make efforts to preserve agriculture relations despite Hamas ‘ efforts to undermine the ties,” the IDF site Chief economic coordination in dead Gaza City, Lieutenant Colonel father. “The relationship is in the interests of both sides, and we are careful to make the distinction between the numbers of terror to the world manufacturers, it is important to preserve,” said.

The fruitful cooperation in the field of agriculture expressed last week in a visit of about 53 Palestinian farmers and agricultural dealers, in order to study and develop the agricultural work. “The farmers visited the greenhouses of the settlement of Ein Yahav and see how the technologies”, said Lieutenant Colonel. “From there they continued to convene and exhibition which presents technological treatment of crops, to study the developments in the field and exchanged business cards with people. This is an important opportunity for them to learn what is happening in Israel in the field of agriculture, which is a very competitive area and whoever learns and develops new technologies cannot survive in the market, “he explained.

At Palestinian farmers were exposed to many new things that will fit this year to markets like containers, irrigation systems, electronic systems that can sort by color and type and mshthellot technologies.

“Our interest to preserve the agricultural capabilities and encourage them.”

Lieutenant Colonel said that his aim of the visit is to enable these farmers to connect to markets in Israel to maintain a high level. “As part of efforts to help them maintain their export abroad, we enable them to conferences, allowing them to connect to Israeli companies and Israeli farmers,” he explained, “even with packaging industries and help them increase their computing level.”

Also, for the first time in years to Palestinian farmers to import refrigerated trucks. “The trucks have already purchased two of them so far have been in, and will be eight additional, said Lieutenant Colonel. “Our interest is to preserve the agricultural capabilities
And encouraging them, as have Greece that have developed agricultural sector and ability to provide for themselves the basic necessities like vegetables.

According to Lieutenant Colonel, one of the main reasons farmers Conference reservation and concern for the development of technology is the geographical distance between the agricultural areas.
“Agriculture is strong who can cope with pests and diseases in Gaza also saves on our side.
Geographical boundaries and affect our crops also, what no sharpens the importance in developing good ties. “

This year will be the third year in which Palestinian farmers export to overseas, especially to Europe and Jordan. “Previously the Palestinian marketing strawberries, but this year they had stiff competition and had to deal with quite a few problems. Therefore, for the first time this year exported spices exports and successful in the field, “he said.

Spice field is a new field in Gaza, and the year was considered to be very productive for farmers began to export. “We are confident it will expand and replace traditional crops have higher competition like strawberries. For us in 2013, the aim is to strengthen the spices, and I guess we will see more and more towards development, “he said.

Translated from Hebrew