To reserve recognition week: “sometimes have to compete for a place in training.”

אנשי המילואים מתאמנים בדרום, השבוע. צילום: לירון אלבי, תיעוד מבצעי דובר צה”ל

No, it’s not a reality show, but another popular training reserve unit יחמ”ם in command. “Reporting is 97%, the commitment to” Regiment

תאריך: 14/05/2012, 12:06    
מחבר: יעל ליבנת, אתר צה”ל

The second Lebanon war became a significant milestone that changed the face of the army reserve. The criticism on the service of the array during the war led to the measures which have been implemented to ensure the fitness and forces found all

“Our unit is at a very high level of preparedness against the missions. Each commander says Greece trainings, missing a control set himself high standards. We always want to be better and more even beyond the requested songs from us “, said Majid
יחמ”ם (intelligence unit targets), Lieutenant Colonel (Ret.) Roy.

The subordinate to Division iachm 80 of southern command, the unit combat intelligence collection Corps, whose purpose is collecting intelligence and fire sprinklers. As noted above, until a few years ago the Egyptian border was one of the borders of the State of Israel, and since then it has increased patrols along a number of battalion and government training. “In four years of training we had a very intensive training, and only three months ago finished professional training division,” said the battalion commander Brigadier General, major General (Res.) Yuval Hirsch.

And if that’s not enough, the regiment takes advantage of every moment, even when government training.
“When we are on the operational employment of the current focus is on line, but we do.
All to produce more training, “said Lt. Col. (Ret.) Roy. “For example, we sent teams with training in targeted artillery and even bind brought equipment away to practice here at the post. In addition, we utilize the capabilities they have in the field of intelligence here in and use camouflage gear and hiding our special Forex activity. “

“One of the most important features in reserve training is live. Our unit we get another element targeting the professional aspect. We practice with a full observation, detection, ITM, orientation and camouflage, “said fire captain, battalion Assistant (Ret.) Jesse Angelo.

In the hot sun in deserts tze’elim base, unique observation battalion break
The wilderness. The reserve teams are scattered and towards the objectives that incorporate the artillery must intercept slices, camouflage nets and they are having sex, sometimes for hours, hiding and army. “My record is 96 hours in Lebanon,” said one, noting that “can’t be seen, even the candy bags. We mask everything and after years, you get used to it. “

II to break this week because the WINS this year to award outstanding units.
“The fact that stabilisation level exit employment is 97%, and shows how the level of importance and the commitment to a battalion. There are cases that have to compete for a place in training, and release people that simply wouldn’t fit on the jeep, “said Lt. Col. (Ret.) Roy.
For the week, the reservists ‘ ichchbo in Col. (Ret.) said “I want my soldier comes home from there with a sense of pride as I remember as a kid.
My dad comes home from there even at 50, and I admired him. I feel
Currently not all company estimates the array, and I hope that can change Greece, we form the most significant part in maintaining the security of the State. “

Translated from Hebrew