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The officer, Brig. Gen. Shuki Ben Anat, deals in recent years
Rebuild the array follows the lessons of Lebanon. Interview with positive and hopeful results

תאריך: 28/06/2011, 10:19    
מחבר: אופיר הגלילי

“Again raised feelings of frustration and bitterness about everything possible. The food was back in the conversation, it puts some perspective about the fighting here, the big Israeli army invincible. I kept thinking what if it was a real war. If we did, where we had some ammo? It was another issue.
We sat in buildings and where it attacks Israel? The initiator? And people are starting to ask questions, why here? How do I help stop here.
The Katyushas and bring the hostages home? “

(Excerpt from reserve online journal)

The officer, Brig. Gen. Shuki Ben Anat Office at difficult period: 2 years before was the second Lebanon war, a war which starred her reserve powers.
And not necessarily operationally. The newspaper headlines screamed the times of professionalism, severe shortages of food and equipment, see warriors … don’t get that comes
And more than that recruited and forced to consume the pending war end and feel hopeless
The present name is constant. In January 2008 the newspaper titles received changes take effect when published the findings of the Winograd Committee report. Above all it was clear one thing: massive change in reserves must be done. Knowing that entered office and General Ben Anat today, 5 years since that war is showing a different reserve.

According to Ali, Brig. Gen. Shuki Ben Anat, the main problem in the reserves is not necessarily focused on the logistical shortages but in qualification with which warriors came into the war. “The reserve value expressed in the years prior to the Lebanon war by business
Mainly margins rather than the core operational activities “he explains thus draw status
Of the same period. “There was a different kind of training and the people did their routine were different, much better protection and security of communities, prisons, security check points, there were security prisoners and a large amount of reserve days. The session was a particular model and training were other model much like wars.
Practice models of targeted, it gives the particular competence regarding the models of the Egyptian army, but made peace with them two years ago, “Brig. Gen. Ben Anat in sarcasm and adds that” it is difficult to move from a situation that you’re training for a particular model and then do an activity of another model and suddenly you find yourself in a nature reserve in Lebanon.
Triple surprise so the qualification of the array was not good enough. “

In addition to the qualification of the array at the same time, there was an issue cannot be changed until today has continuously the vertices in the fact that army reserve formation is a short resource. “It is impossible to use the reserves in large masses for two reasons: it is impossible to take a reserve one and disconnect it from civilian life habits. 15 years ago a soldier in combat occupations or professions, fighting was going 60 days of reserves, but it was understandable that the majority did so.
Today it is less understandable, because that life has changed and all volunteers. The economy is not
Can’t stand it. Therefore it is a very short resource use, until the second Lebanon war, turned out to be problematic, “notes קמל”ר.

A significant change in the relevance of training for Army reserves.

קמל”ר argues that” the two things that have changed drastically after the second Lebanon war was the issue of training and equipment. “We can say that the fundamental change he changed their relevancy. That is, each unit is a specially trained for its mission, in addition to training for a few days, are short. There’s more intensity, more relevant, more night training exercise longer in terms of length, physical load much larger.
The training day was termed less massive than training and ultimately better. Just like in life, on the same terms with all their ammunition on their backs and with their supply, just like wars and thus foster bars
Larger and as a result more apctavis training.

The topic also applies to equipment improvement and Brig. Gen. Ben Anat indicates that “the army realized that the equipment must be more innovative, and more. Recent five year plan so we’re in the fifth year of her saying that a reserve soldier today will be equipped as a regular soldier.
We are in the process of upgrading the weapons and gear unit and personal. IDF it innovations today are facing much higher priority “.

קמל”ר argues that the lack of a largest logistical equipment in Lebanon when war bases, excess personnel was to enlist for the cause. “Most people who had been on standard equipment,” he clarifies, “Lebanon II recruited many people and only by can’t hold 120% the amount of equipment, at the end of this thing is money missing elsewhere. Cast lead recruited units and decided on a certain amount of surplus-by releasing home. Among other things, not to create a situation where people are sitting unemployed from occupation, as happened in Lebanon II “.

Beyond the changes in the military structure and organization, the law went into effect, the reserve holds the rights and duties of serving in the army reserves. When he passed for certain rewards and also lowered the age age reserve
45 40, he also determines the number of days the army reserve can.

50% of reserves – under 30

“The Bill raises the motivation for those who already have motivation,” explains General
Ben Anat the view, “the law is not what creates the motivation from the beginning, but she clearly passes through it. However, against this law still missing processes that will eventually over time to maintain motivation and cost. For example, more rewarding or more support in the life of the country, not necessarily expressed in money.
The law reserves started to manufacture processes.

The main problem the kemmel is not necessarily the financial reward of the social miloamanikim but they are not winners. “There is now a social phenomenon for us.
That is the opposite of what is happening right now with the Americans, “he says in a tone of concern. They also have a pretty big army reservists, professional military people who come and work for wages. There are a lack of consensus about what the military is doing and the needs ltovtam switched on.
Most active members of the u.s. military reserve outside the country, in Afghanistan and Iraq – but you can see that lack of public acceptance there is still activity.
There is a very great esteem for. For us, however, we find the reverse phenomenon: there is almost total consensus on IDF’s activity, but fewer and fewer people take part in this rush – who takes the socially valued.

And back to the law anteps קמל”ר eyes as positive and encouraging. He said the law failed to “rejuvenate” the reserves, where 50 percent of the deployed formation stands today minus 30-. “You get the idea of” feeder Brigade Regiment “, meaning a certain regular shgdud know how much reserve divisions he thus formed feeder State.
Regulates the reserves under their organic. That’s what makes the young eagle and the power
The person, “he said. Throttle means the array is your eligibility of operations better fighters plus the fact they come from their organic frame brings unity and cohesion to the new regiment. “You have to trust a warrior, you go after it. The battle must be trust between the fighters and better built, “says Brig. Gen. Ben Anat.

Clear that the reserves while restored himself and improved wonders, but it is not
End of the road. “Anyone not shift” to “Hezbollah won’t reservists have a more convenient route, incline, they’d be easier to get because they know he works out and is busy with the kids. Warriors understand these data
No matter whether it is a reserve Regiment in the carmeli brigade or battalion in Golani, the qualification must be at the same level, “says קמל”ר.

Translated from Hebrew