Today: enlist artillery corps and the HFC

Every recruit, one of the rookies who will command about what the new specs on the track that goes through the unit. Today: artillery and home front command

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מחבר: נעם ויטמן ומתן גלין, אתר צה”ל

גיוסי אוגוסט 2013
פיקוד העורף
חיל התותחנים

Hundreds of rookies that cross the gates in the morning out of Defense cadets.
New artillery corps. Recruiting offices already expect the rookies to meet their commanders waited there to explain their role and force him, and in order to placate concerned parents.

A clear goal-to make the rookies home from teens confused don’t exactly understand where they come from, not sure if they want to be there, “Nick” stock rookie and motivation. “Today there is no special artillery,” a conversation with IDF site staff sergeant in the air force’s unit, Sergeant Tal levy, who served in his previous position as Commander grade
In operational employment. “The artillery is one of the most important things in combat operational.
Even though rioner will חי”רניק to attack without artillery backup”.

The fresh recruits suggested Levi symbol to create friendship between company, try to take things slowly because there are a lot of new things. In addition, talk with friends and ask before raising what you should bring – that gets huge cases should be taken to end the first week not using anything.

Today: enlist artillery corps and the HFC

At the same time from the ground, raising also the employer. “When they come we explain them they reach quality, force challenges. They initially don’t know so the Corps, then explain to them that the fighter force,
And despite the advanced technology, is primarily a combat force and a fighter, “he said in a conversation with an IDF base site shivta, tothanot school, Colonel Itzik.

“The Navy is very developed technology and we are leading in this field. Whoever comes will be a partner for operational and will be a partner to new weapons development processes, “explained Colonel. “In addition, the Corps provides a fast track that leads you to the process command if you want to see is progress.”

The artillery corps is responsible for starting artillery systems for medium and long term. His role is to concentrate fire on land, and is designed to destroy enemy forces.
By activating firepower in depth of field. The force’s firepower has an array of cannons,
Rockets, unmanned aerial vehicles and precision guided munitions (חמ”מ) and more.

“The main task of the commanders is to authorize men to professions, to address field
And get the rookie the next training spot when he finished the required qualifications
Him, “Colonel trunk. “We believe in a respectful behavior on the part of the lead commanders that more people will come out and happy with where they are and the values
Our outstanding strength and militancy, they value. “

Recruitment to the HFC fighters: Mayo to Haiti

At the same time, today reach the line of the home front command,
And join the ranks of Raytheon already managed to stay in the world-Haiti to Fukushima and do their job. The rookies that was this morning are those that actually enter into combat zones, crawl under the rubble and rescue casualties on the battlefield, under fire.

The search and rescue of the home front command are defined as combatants for all intents and purposes, no
In addition to her live training they undergo additional training, II, rescue under fire.
“We’re going into war, and digging out while fighting. If course building and soldiers inside we those who rescue them, “said the IDF website, three wave icon alkalai
Rookies in the home front command, also is to receive base for new recruits. “We get lines like everyone else and do what I do live.”

But even before the fighting, worried that icon to clear work alkalai look of warriors can be critical in their service. “There are daily situations of red paint on the South. Once postponed, we are the ones who have the tools
Extract and save the people. “

Sergeant alkalai wishes to emphasize the importance of the rescuers to civilian and military security forces, nor forgetting to give advice to recruits. “The importance of search and rescue professionals.
We live in a reality where each day could fall and Cruz missile. There is a great deal of importance to this information. We’re here to educate them to the rescue, and be their mother and father if
Need. The most important is that the bad news among the rescuers, mutual respect. Respect your environment, because we’re all for you, “concludes Sergeant alkalai.

Translated from Hebrew