Today: enlist Corps

Its family of Corps realize today hundreds of new recruits. What awaits for fresh troops and they don’t arrive? All the answers

תאריך: 01/08/2012, 07:28    
מחבר: עידן סונסינו, אתר צה”ל

Hundreds of fresh recruits to join today (Wednesday) to Corps
The Military Academy, and emergency base which at Tel Hashomer. “Moandesim”, as it is customary to call
Their army, qualified as infantry fighters, and perform many tasks such as shbnosef that have unique miiadt training them to sabotage, hablanot, construction, demolition, a breakthrough hinges etc and uses sophisticated mechanical toys.

Corps consists of three tiers brigades, enabling regular troops engineering and tools scattered across the country and the engineering unit for special tasks, is יהל”ם.

In addition, students can come to the tour (God) of the cohorts,
Forces patrolling special tools before the regimental troops and tactical intelligence.
Also, thanks to obachrotho of machs is usually the one who performs the complex operations that line the regiment.

Corps is one of the established base Airmen with the reestablishment of the IDF and the war of independence he blew up bridges to prevent Jordanians and the Egyptians to continue towards Israel Stampede. He purified the Golan Heights in the six day war mines; His armored forces the Suez under fire on Yom Kippur in the complex operation of the railroad bridges and using special vessels – which was a turning point in the war the hard way; And the second intifada, the bulldozers the fearsome central tool in fighting against terrorism released daily from Judea and Samaria.

The diamond crown jewel

After a few weeks of basic training in military engineering school next to the fact, fresh troops in one of the biggest challenges in corporate events qualification is יהל”ם in five days of arduous, revolting chose to make only after a certain training (as opposed to other fighters perform pre-launch stage more team building Basic) that those who pass them chicks cum one of the most elite in power. יהל”ם unit, consisting of several different parties with special application specializes in engineering and commando fighter special abilities like running advanced robots crossing waterways.

The levels of troops will continue monthly charvat boot camp, which will be followed by four more months of advanced training. While in basic training will focus mainly on building the command discipline and physical fitness at advanced training teaches the warrior to activate many walkers, measures mshtchllim a corps, and collaborate with other fighters and air forces.

At the end of four months of activity on the moandesim lines will start the year of training and fully accept his Warrior mask — defined as Rifleman 07 (like infantry Warrior) and 06 levels (the level of all the warrior to upload up to 12 as a soldier).

IDF website wish success to recruits!

Translated from Hebrew