Today: enlist the paratroopers brigade

Red Division requires beyond consolidation to join lifestyles. Even in the current working draft jumpers to keep the prestigious status and bring thousands of young men to fight for every place in Division

תאריך: 26/07/2012, 11:12    
מחבר: פלורית שויחט, אתר צה”ל

Hundreds of new recruits to the paratroopers arrived today (Thursday) to the recruitment office to join the Brigade. Paratroopers is the only living Division in order to receive the security service candidates need to volunteer to serve in its ranks, and swim team building. The Division continues to maintain the prestigious position over the years, and annually brings thousands of young men to fight for everywhere. True to the current draft, between 7-8 participants of every room.

Prestige of paratroopers and adhesive battles ethos, also brings many volunteers abroad volunteering and lifestyles while many of from all over the country. Also,
In the framework of sorts to Division performed sort of Magellan units, cherry and Geddes paratroopers.
The endless of paratrooper training including parachuting course, train him to face challenges of the battlefield and become worthy of reliability with wearing the Red beret.

Joining the paratroopers? That’s what awaits you.

Apart from shoes and Red beret, a winged Snake (designed more in the 1950s, when the snake symbolizes how vulnerabilities exploited tachbolani about paratroopers will operate), and Jumper’s irchit (who incidentally taken Mezzo of the British paratroopers), there are a few more things on the paratrooper to be reviews.

With recruitment, the soldier Terry comes directly with the base regimental training of paratroopers, shpipon in the area of Beit Guvrin. Bring covers an area of 880 acres, which were not only money, but also a great deal of thought on the client.
The foundation built a two-story fitness center, jogging trails, a Basketball Hall however
To learn Krav Maga The base, built by the American model, is considered one of the best army bases, nicknamed “Luna”. The rookie sleeping in air-conditioned rooms and air-conditioned classes teach and practice in bohani track and fighting in a built-up area.

The soldier would vapor-iock? one of the four regiments of the Brigade: Echis, macrovipera, threshold and Recon which held a special formation.

In the first phase for four months the paratrooper’s status to a soldier. The soldier pass mental and physical preparation and enhance physical prowess and combat,
And teach him the subjects base lives in the training, which lasted four months, the Warrior gets all the tools necessary for professional training, and build himself a significant force within the squad and platoon.

In addition to the regular training, the warrior from the pass course nosedive merho upon receiving the of d (parachute wings).

The paratroopers who?

Paratroopers brigade is one of the oldest divisions in the IDF she nearly all operations and Israel’s wars, always as a leading force.

The first unit of Israeli paratroopers was founded in September 1948. The unit commander and founder Joel Mitchell, Brooks was the WWII and Mossad lealiyah bet.
The paratroopers brigade has established itself in the fifties of the 20th century as the elite Brigade of the IDF, after Parachute Battalion 890 under the mountain merges with the 101st have Ariel Sharon and her Deputy Shlomo Baum and the parachute regiment battalion element and loaded Uzi in dead.

Since paratroopers stuck a stake in the history of Israel. The Brigade had operational successes in operation kadesh, in the six day war, the Yom Kippur war, peace for the Galilee, in operation defensive shield,
The second Lebanon war and operation cast lead. National memory of the paratroopers were the first to conquer the Western Wall, and through the Suez Canal during the Yom Kippur war.

Throughout its history, the operational unit of the Brigade was in a sling, Egypt, during the 1950s. However, the operative Division designed to operate inside
The enemy at night, the paratroopers continued to maintain the special qualification and recently made a divisional exercise dropped.

Translated from Hebrew