Today: enlist to combat intelligence collection Corps

Join hundreds of day to watch before camp, the IDF technologies if roles offers the Corps? What changes are expected in the near future and will become the far- All the details

תאריך: 23/07/2012, 10:00    
מחבר: עידן סונסינו, אתר צה”ל

“There is no other regular army fighter who works with so many factors.
Collect fighter should cooperate with helicopter gunships, with capers, with gunners, with anti-tank missiles.
Be it collection fighter to carry and fire, the role also requires to run.
This role of the complex systems under fire and completing puzzles, with a lot of elements each of which is a different world and a different m.o.. There is currently no Commander doesn’t want more combat collection in his sector.

These things said in an interview to the IDF website
Combat intelligence collection officer, Chief Brig. Gen. Eli Pollak. Hundreds of them “viewers before joining camp today to collect, which serve a variety of intelligence warfare roles. They opened three years of activity, a classified (the fighters are gathering the fighters only regimental security clearance required) without all bluster to the guys on the weekend, but with the news of another attempted prevention-prevention of. The recruitment day collected the IDF site significant information on the use of force recruits.

The combat collection roles

To combat intelligence collection Corps fighters two main goals: to direct fire on targets and combat intelligence. For realization of these application applies a texture array consisting
Different layers of wide spectrum of operations roles, with each layer completes. Through the various layers of the fighters they create the same intelligence in the handle allows instant exposure of any enemy movement:

-Warriors of powers gifted Rifleman 05 and self-propelled in teams. The Warriors move forward to other land forces in hostile areas, many secretly, and using advanced methods to find the enemy, and to aim for the weapons. In a highlight the tasks where soldiers operate are varied, and the various properties you cannot speak due to confidential. Reaching the required position allows alignment to infantry combatant.

Warriors mounted on small forces intelligence machinery rolling to the required place and admire different collection systems there. Currently testing in
The next generation of advanced vehicles, and warriors who joined today to be played.
Into this array are intended to reach a lower-profile men who are unable to fight in the infantry fighting.

The warriors-a means of combat that allows looking deeper into enemy territory. As a mobile, roaming balloon battalions in sector and know
Parts. In an era where more and more borders of Israel look bad, combat intelligence collection Corps expands and refine “blimps”.

עת”פ warriors (panoramic position)-the original root of it stemmed from combat intelligence collection Corps: the Warriors are located in strategic positions and place the army buried on enemy areas. The Warriors arrive to peerless acquaintance with
Maximum importance and can report any dirt that moves. Beautiful scenery is just a bonus.

In addition, the patrol divides of the soldier, iachm (intelligence unit objectives), for outstanding feet and requires a unique route. Can’t say much about the work unit, but intensive activities
Volume activation total shooting and intensive day and night observation of complex objectives is critical to building the Bank “to attack targets in times of emergency.

Today: enlist to combat intelligence collection Corps

Currently, combat intelligence collection Corps is considered the foremost pillar for land forces, as its cooperation with the shshithopi alive and leading engineering to prevent attacks in the way daily in all sectors around the country. But the way it’s been applied until there was. In fact, the only force was established three years ago, during which took the field intelligence Corps and split it between combat intelligence collection Corps and gave (the intelligence section).

Some facts you didn’t know about the force

-Combat intelligence collection Corps is gorafi the largest awards in the past few months. Collect combat school (isla) became sports צה”לית dope when he first places sweeping arm race and race, and the just cause in operations is the award given to troops for Eagle, the gathering of southern command.

-School for collecting combat, the fighters will is currently training for a significant trend of integration of simulators. Two virtual artists are expected to be the next next year, and should allow, for example, training in the wooded area in desert Scouts, too. “The theme is very significant,” simulators, said Brig. Gen. Polk, Cass comes with IDF site. “you can simulate scenarios of penetration or movement, each geographical area, and all you can investigate and test. We’re going to go through.
In this area became very significant. “

-Will soon force pins new fighter. This is because during the protest to Staples and had no news is big enough, but the new and approved pins are already in production. Changing the color of the beret, interest in discussing this for a long time, is still in the approval process.

IDF website wish luck to all recruits!

Translated from Hebrew