Today: joining the Noah school

In the current rush recorded a significant increase of hundreds of wishing to join the Brigade. The infantry force is today a fundamental operative IDF programs

תאריך: 25/07/2012, 10:46    
מחבר: פלורית שויחט, אתר צה”ל

Hundreds of army recruits today (Wednesday) that the recruitment office to join the family rests in August, to anywhere in the Division were three candidates, and thus increase encourages fruitful service motibedit. In relation to last year, an increase of hundreds of detective who preferred to serve.

In a conversation with the IDF website, Commander of regimental training base, Lieutenant Colonel, told Israel on the new requirements and what to expect upon bus. “My tip soldiers won’t click. They have excellent commanders that picked off one by one, and I promise that whoever comes isn’t going to be disappointed, and challenging service hunters each hardships as the hot day. The rest is, and who will benefit. “

The Brigade is a brigade with a human carpet special. “There’s an interesting mix Division
Of people, all with Israel “, said Majid came and the soldiers you can find many newcomers and volunteers from abroad, urban, suburban, and more members. “We preach fitness boot camp and combat, but not different in essence from other live divisions,” explained Lt. Col. Sumer, “However, our attitude to soldiers regarding human dignity, soldiers and commanders in terms of service are the best level, and our nobility.

Joining the Noah Division? That’s what awaits you.

So aside from the red shoes, green beret the fighters receive after a grueling brand beret sickle and wheat that symbolize pioneering and protecting the country, there are a few things you should know.

When haiolle, the soldiers are taken directly to the regimental training base of Noah, in Tel Arad in the South. The first couple of weeks will be a gradual process of moving from the Warrior training citizenship. “The first week it’s important mentally. Create a gradient that scalability and clear it. “, said Lieutenant Colonel.

There are four regiments to which section ishtbzzo of the soldiers the training eight months old: granite, basalt, granite and the Divisional reconnaissance Regiment. To get to the tour, to volunteer for a with recruitment. “The consolidation of several
Days, including personality and physical and mental group, reservists from testing, “explained Jenny came to him, out of several hundred subjects, a few dozen selected “The consolidation of hard physically, mentally, and uncertainty. Everybody thinks it’s important to fitness, but in practice it helps exactly. That matters really is mental fitness and motivation, “he said.

Upon completion of the consolidation of the company and outline the Basic. The basic training takes place at the base.
“נח”ל “, which completed the transition of novice citizen soldier, and give him all the basic conditions of soldiering. The Division is the only Division soldiers still live in tents, but this is not necessarily a significant drawback. The soldiers will practice during the load, due to heat in summer.

Upon completion of training the rookies, the soldiers moved to the nearby base “Judas” at advanced training. This phase lasted for four months, during which the tmktsaim infantry recruits as regular fighters.

At the end of the training the new brigades will join a legion track squads, and the fighters begin to participate in the defense and security efforts in the West Bank, Lebanon, border
Syria, Egypt and Gaza. Upon completion of the fighters also receive נח”ל mask, plus Staples battalion orders.

Who do the rest?

Lebanon war that broke out in June 1982, brought to understanding that regular infantry forces are missing, but the divisions alive. So it was decided to incorporate
Existing infantry battalions, including the Parachute Regiment who was subordinated to the paratroopers brigade (and became basalt “troop of the Division in the late 1980s) and to establish a number of new regiments
Based on spatial regiments that had already existed. And Geddes became official only Regiment in 2001, although his reconnaissance team was established with the founding of the Division. Head Brig. Gen. class Division res Badr z.

Since the Lebanon war, the regiment took part in the war effort virtually all operations, except
Cast lead. The last operation is the second Lebanon war, regimental
The Division in southern Lebanon. The Division also greatly affected the fighting terrorism during the Al-Aqsa intifada in Judea and Samaria, and had significant operational successes during operation defensive shield. Today, Noah continues to operate in all the key sectors and be a fundamental force: the operative programs of.

Translated from Hebrew