Today: raise Kfir reach recruitment Bureau

לוחמי כפיר בלוחמה בשטח בנוי. צילום: פלורית שויחט,אתר צה”ל

The Division, which was established only seven years ago, has a high motivation to serve in its ranks of: all about free Division race 2.3 applicants, a significant increase compared to March last.

תאריך: 24/07/2012, 08:57    
מחבר: פלורית שויחט, אתר צה”ל

Hundreds inducted ordered today (Tuesday) that the recruitment office to join
The Leopard Brigade fighters Kfir. Despite young age Division, only seven years since
The establishment, Aisha has high motivation of serve in its ranks: everywhere
Competing in Division 2.3 applicants. This is an increase compared to August last year, a significant increase compared to March, standing about 1.6 to place candidates.

In an interview to the IDF website, said the Commander of regimental training base of shaft, Lt. Col. Syed “increasingly for Division of and motivation increases from year to year. “It was a growing and evolving, and it is the Centre’s operations and last year broke the boundaries of Judea and Samaria, identified affects otibedit recruits. Moreover, Recon troop based Haruv “shaping and tendons, adds to the prestige of the Division.

“Kfir Brigade activities is, this Division do. Soldier who comes here has to understand that he was going to work hard, but on the other hand, will have a fair and human treatment. “Kfir fighter will be required for protection and security ongoing futile efforts, especially the fight against terrorism,” said Lieutenant Colonel Smith.

“The Division has no uniform character-a real melting pot,” said John in a Kfir on human tapestry among recruits. “Come to us from all over the country and the recruitment of populations, often a friend brings friend”.

Joining the disgusting? That’s what awaits you.

So besides the red shoes, Red Badge with a winged sword (symbolizing the EO and the virtue required of operators) Kfir biretta and the Leopard that after long beret, there are a few more things on the tree’s to know.
With recruitment to the Division, moved to new troops to divisional training base of the shaft, “Sapper”. The base is located in the Jordan Valley, where the soldier moves about 4 months training-boot stage “At this stage gradually from citizen to recruit soldier.
We know it’s been dramatic, and we give the soldiers a measured preparation at this stage, “explained Lieutenant Colonel Smith. At the base, which is one of the hottest places in the country, expect to air-conditioned rooms and classrooms, kitchen and heat loads in mind. The training will almost always heat during lower workload.

After four months, the soldiers move to base “ל”פלס “checkpoint” nearby, where they undergo advanced training and turn to full-fledged warriors. “At this stage, the soldier becomes a warrior. He gets a mental and physical, to be a warrior, and build around it a frame link to company level, “said Jenny came.

Recently, the practice of a shaft end upgrades, including new track Tester was constructed, allowing also to training, shooting ranges, the jogging wooded classes
Many have been renovated. At the end of the training the new brigades will join a legion track squads, and the fighters begin to participate in defence and security effort, especially in the areas of Judea and Samaria, but also in Lebanon, Gaza and Egypt’s border with the Warriors finish also will get a mask, in addition to the battalion orders pins.

Who the Kfir Brigade-

The infantry brigade is the largest live of has.
Six regiments: Nachshon, Samson, carob, hoopoe, and Haredi battalion netzah Yehuda battalion (the IDF’s largest live). The Division was established seven years ago, based on 1990s brigades “worked more in the 1990s. These regiments were designated as living, designed to accompany the troops.

With the outbreak of the second intifada, it was decided to train these troops in designated combat against terrorism in Judea and Samaria and Gaza, and to establish additional troops.
Troops acted against terrorism already in operation in operation defensive shield in 2002, but officially founded only Division in 2005, under the command of Brig. Gen. David Menachem, currently head of central command.

During operation cast lead “carob” battalion took part of the Regiment in the fighting at the border of the Gaza Strip. Since then, the Division began to build and change the nature of the Division identified only with Judea and Samaria and the Jordan Valley, Division manipulated as live documents divisions operate in all the sectors.

For years the Division had significant operational successes and thwarted terrorist attacks and criminal activities a lot, while maintaining maximum ratio and purity of arms. This year was the first soldier from the battalion, Sergeant GAL Weingarten.

In 2010 the Kfir Brigade first regimental drill Kit, and Brigade battalions began to do operational employment in Lebanon, border 80th following the attack on ein Netafim last year and in the future, the Division will likely also make operational employment.

In the next few years carob troop “is dropped to the Divisional reconnaissance battalion, thus completed the Kfir Brigade of the full-scale testing.

Translated from Hebrew