Today the Chief command to Yom hazikaron Israel

צילום: דובר צה”ל

To commemorate Yom hazikaron Israel sent Chief, General Gadi Eisenkot, Epistle to IDF commanders and soldiers ||  Today, as every day, we ask to stand alongside of the bereaved families and to all we offer a comforting hand and shoulder supports. This is our commitment. “

תאריך: 11/05/2016, 09:00    
מחבר: מערכת אתר צה”ל

IDF commanders, soldiers and the IDF

Today, with Israel stops walking and cherish the memory of soldiers and airmen who died during service, regular and reserves. Bent head and aching, we stand today in front of monuments and tombstones and together, with great pride, and remember.

Remember our sons and daughters faithful and brave. operating out of people’s love of the motherland and a sense of mission; Trustees for their brave and for the nation that safety appointed. These are our sons and daughters to serve the tormented State of Israel, and their lives were cut. Remember the underground fighters and combat systems divisions-people have paved the way for the IDF and place us norms and morality which we operate; They’ve written us educated on heritage and that we continue to educate the future; They stand in the line of fire and spirit baus him not that much more.

Remember the intelligence communities, the police and the prisons service all work together with the IDF, professionally and responsibly for her job-protection. Last year we stood together, all members of the security forces, facing a wave of terrorism, against terrorists who spur to sever innocent lives. Intelligence cooperation and we worked day and night to protect Israeli citizens and residents in all regions of the country.

Today, we remember and find strength for Ziv-youth and families stabilize side every day of the year carry the memories of relatives who died and the unfathomable longing. Today, as every day, we ask them to suggest we would hand and shoulder supports. This is our commitment and Ma’am, given up their lives for the motherland. We also recall our commitment to IDF and unobstructed space burial place is unknown, and promise to continue to bring them back to our borders. We promise to add a stand with pzzoaino, which paid a heavy price, and accompany them in the process of rehabilitation.

Commanders and soldiers,
Tomorrow we will mention 68 years of independence of the State of Israel. Shifting from Memorial Day to independence day is meant to remind us of the many accomplishments, but also the price we pay for our safety. David Ben Gurion said: “there is only past behind, he convinced our object. Tomorrow we stop and take a look at the State we were able to establish an independent State, and prosperous and continue to be vigilant in the fight and continued on our independence and right to existence.
Asylum seekers know, near and far, undermine the right to freedom, and not willing to experience the security of citizens and residents. Standing in front of you, soldiers and commanders rooms

Lori determination and audacity, standing firm against any threat, alert and ready to fulfill our purpose-to protect the country, ensuring the existence and if required to do so-to win the war. Add and combine the forces of all arms, wings and arrays; Add to improve our service, and act to maintain and uncompromising values; Add to fulfill the mission that she fell on Israel fallen soldiers to stand firm on guard to protect the home and allow the country to flourish and prosper.

“Remember with Israel his sons and daughters, the Trustees and the brave.

The Memorial Day may 2016, General Gadi Eisenkot Chief of staff

Translated from Hebrew