Today: the Palestinians for Ramadan

דובר צה”ל

As every year, conducted by the IDF and the security forces to relieve the Palestinian population with the beginning of Ramadan (2) • see mitigations were approved by Defense Minister: Palestinian entry to Friday prayers on the Temple Mount, Israeli Arabs to area A and unusual working hours at the checkpoints and crossings

תאריך: 01/09/2008, 00:07    
מחבר: מערכת אתר צה”ל

After extensive evaluation of central command and civil administration,
Meant the civil administration officers with representatives of the Palestinian wakf “updated about the prayers and religious events are expected during the next month, will today (Monday) in action to ease the Palestinians in Judea and Samaria, it published the beginning of Ramadan and as part of a policy to improve the texture of life for the Palestinian population in the area.

Among the approved rules for Palestinians during the holiday by the Minister of Defense, Mr. Ehud Barak,
Include extending working hours at the checkpoints of the IDF and the security system approved
The transfer of funds to the Palestinian prisoners held in prisons in Israel, approved the entry of Israeli Arabs to A abnormally and approved during the month, the entry of Palestinians to Friday prayers on the Temple Mount, according to predefined criteria.

Towards the beginning of the Ramadan holiday, the civil administration officials have been briefed in different regions all
Israeli security forces operating in the area on holiday customs and holidays, including the distribution of informational pages. The soldiers were instructed to show consideration for balance, including to avoid, as much as possible, eating, drinking and smoking in public against the population, with an emphasis on the crossings.



Translated from Hebrew