Tonight: a huge Festival IDF recruits

Thousands of new recruits are expected to attend the Festival and get current information in the field of “unit” and enjoy entertainment

תאריך: 02/07/2013, 19:50    
מחבר: רותם פסו, אתר צה”ל

Tonight (Tuesday) will do more “Festival, held for the 9th year as shbiachidat” “heat engines in preparation for the arrival of thousands of computerized kiosks established specially for them.

“Deployed here 70 manned stations, in addition to the various sections in the IDF website, told the Census Bureau online, Lt. Col. Javier Rosenfeld. For sections that have been deployed in the complex include the women, old Navy, courses (which deals with religious groups recruiting girls), aptitude test, ת”ש and cruisers.

These side took representatives complex service center, to meet candidates for Security Service General questions. Unlike last year, the best ten positions too complex animals. “In these positions you can print conscription if we change date and print invitations to various positions. Who will be here today.
Wait for it in the mail, “explained Lt. Col. Rosenfeld. Most questions of Soloman answered instead. “Few cases require continuation of treatment and testing,” testified the Bureau Chief.

At the same time, also from Facebook to stay in the middle of the Festival. “Our active Facebook and broadcast everything that happens on plasma in the Festival, including live updates on the events,” said Lt. Col. Rosenfeld. Even the official Facebook page of the IDF established instead a brand position for the enjoyment of youth and soldiers.

Last year I entered in very complex at more 4,000 new recruits for the future,
And hope in quantity. “There are dozens of soldiers admiring the perimeter,
And destined to join us all recruitment agencies and controls the branches at best. They speak of an individual with, and try to resolve special cases instead, said Census Bureau.

Best Festival complex more direct communication with prospective whatever can be done on other occasions. “Our goal is to look for prospective, not to communicate with him via fax, telephone, mail or Internet. Even though Lesh gets an answer about something – I want him out of here with a smile, “said Lt. Col. Rosenfeld.
“We’re giving attention and talking to Soloman at eye level to avoid him.
To contact us with additional questions, “concluded.

Translated from Hebrew