“Tonight we will reach the level of fire control

שי וקנין

Northern District Commander expired explained that “there are currently a lot of smoke, but almost no fire”, but that has to be cautiously optimistic because of the changes. The unit commander’s פקע”ר firefighters praised Parliament members popped up:” their outbound activities
Every launch, everyone wanted to go “

תאריך: 05/12/2010, 23:44    
מחבר: נדב דויטשר

Four days after the outbreak of the fire that led to the deaths of 41 Israeli civilians
And destroyed thousands of acres of forest, the horizon looks bright at last. A conversation with the HFC, an encouraging picture about the shutdown and control of the remaining centers. According to the Commander of the North District front command, the 500 soldiers engaged fire extinguisher directly and thousands more indirectly.

Lieutenant Colonel (Ret.) zlami Shavit, Commander of the firefighters of the home front command, told about the events unfolding: “I was ordered on Thursday night, and firefighters biachidati
Received an order 8. Firefighters were Orange, and on Friday morning, 99% reported for the task. Lieutenant Colonel Shavit noted that tremendous ב”קטסטרופה, hasn’t experienced anything like this. From Friday until this point continued to operate the centers the soldiers hardly slept for three days and yet all everyone wanted to go up to the task. Their task was
An exception, and we see it unfortunately only in such disasters.

Col. 2 of preparing soldiers for this kind of events and activities.
“I don’t think anyone in Israel preparing for anything of this magnitude,” he said. “We practice
And action throughout the year along with firefighters and soldiers to learn and are familiar with the procedure, and therefore called they know exactly what they need to do.

However, Lt.-Col. 2 to clarify that “we need a longer operational employment because we do only three days ‘ labour only, which is not enough.
I’d like to see less employment per week as in the HFC annually.
“There is a lot of smoke, but almost no fire”

Col. Anwar Saeb, Commander of the North District front command, described the developments since the beginning of the fire and its angle. “This is the biggest fire ever
In the State of Israel, “he said. “Therefore, the conduct was not simple shutdown forces failed to control it. On the first day, recruited firefighters in the reserves of the HFC on
To assist the national firefighting service. Slowly, we enclose the fire and stop it, and today we are at the height of the extinction of the fire “.

Col. Saeb, explained the status of the fire as of the afternoon: “right now there’s a lot of smoke,
But almost no fire. She stayed in several locations. I watch until we reach at night fire control level, and I say this with cautious optimism, that the winds of change


Translated from Hebrew