Topolnsky: air force General also works in very distant scenes.

רמ”ט air force participated in the National Security Conference VIII from Fisher Institute” and claimed “the military threat on Israel is growing areas and capabilities”

תאריך: 23/05/2012, 12:36    
מחבר: יעל ליבנת, אתר צה”ל

“The military threat on Israel is growing areas and capabilities” – he claimed yesterday (Tuesday), the air force Chief of staff, Brig. Gen. Hagai topolnsky, in remarks at the 8th national security from Fischer Institute, attended by high-ranking members of the Institute
Alongside representatives of companies, Elbit, Rafael and senior representatives from the air force.

“Recent events in the Middle East are historic event which is changing the strategic scale. Risks and chances in this process. The stakes rise significantly on the long-term prospects, “said Brig. Gen. topolnsky. “The military threat on Israel is growing areas and capabilities. Likely to be required to operate in more than one scene going. The nature of war is changing. We have to assume that the next war will not be like the last war and as past wars “.

Brig. Gen. Topolsky expanded talking about trends in the military threat, saying that “the enemy.
Our war of maneuver for war. It is fundamentally changing the nature of the war.
The threat is not to occupy the country, but hundreds of thousands of rockets falling on Israel.
The threat is moving from front to front and rear. The tech (ground-missiles) and the (rockets
Ground-ground) currently developed at our enemies are scale and larger ranges and higher quality. Whoever has the missiles and rockets are just countries-most terrorist organizations have an arsenal that could hurt the State of Israel and this is the most significant trend in the last 20 years and this is the great challenge of the Israel Defense Forces.

Another trend is the head of the aerial defense development. “After that we see was relatively static in recent years, there has been a dramatic growth in our enemies and that challenge our aerial supremacy. They understand the threat it central air force and are investing in advanced air defense, “noted, saying that the recent trend is consciousness. “The media and international law and legitimacy to IDF action preoccupies us. We are tested on that day and time-time. Applies
The air is belief and moral values that stem from being of the Jewish people. We make extraordinary efforts to minimize harm to innocent civilians and preventing environmental damage.

In addition, Brig. Gen. topolnsky touched in the concept of security in recent years, and said that “the air force is the subject of the deterrent. Avoiding enemies in years.
The last to get to us, because the power of the force. There is also a decisive element: the ability to operate the front, powerfully and directly across from little big goals. ” רמ”ט Corps added that” it meets air force is also defense page
The technological side and conceptual side. The air force is the main force of
Israel. Arrow, iron dome and other systems of the State of Israel, provide protection from small to large rockets.

Another significant point in the perception of security is the expansion of the force, according to Brig. Gen. topolnsky, the historic force expands to respond to challenges and remain relevant in defending the State of Israel. The air force operates in distant scenes and extended protection tasks they take on. “We need to continue to expand its defense with pioneering skills in the global level thanks to advanced industrial and operational purposes. Integrate the defense and attack, and later combine mutual effectiveness to contribute to defense and attack.

The Rama concluded by saying that “the nature of warfare has changed, and we stand before another Middle East at a time of uncertainty and change. The air force will have to continue to adjust itself.
In order to remain relevant. We need to continue to develop the long arm and the edge of the technology and skills end. The force will continue to fulfill his destiny and make every effort to do
This is the best way. “

Translated from Hebrew