Training accidents in his Cobra. “

מסוק ה”קוברה”, אילוסטרציה

In September 2008, killing Maj. Russ Wee and Holtzman in a helicopter crash in the Jezreel valley. A decade earlier, two pilots died in the crash in the sea-front of Netanya

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מחבר: מערכת אתר צה”ל

Battle chopper crash tonight is actually the third accident in his Cobra “Squadron collecting lives of aircrew in the RAF’s history.

In the previous event in September 2008, killing two air force pilots — major Shai
Late major Wee and Yuval Holtzman-z Cobra helicopter crash “near Kibbutz Ginegar Jezreel valley. The helicopter, which was during training, crashed a few minutes after its departure from the air force base in Ramat David.

A decade earlier, in March 1998, killing Brigadier General Samuel elder and his Lieutenant Ilan Gur, z l in “Cobra” during a training flight. The Deputy guide General Eldar live flight status, Brig. Gen. shmullch Mulder on vibrations in the tail area, announced that he was in control and tries to make landing. As for the takedown Cobra tail and the helicopter plunged into the sea, opposite. One of the helicopter pilots Cobra II flying in formation jumped in to try to rescue them, but the helicopter sank to the depths and two pilots were killed. After 10 hours of searching found SWAT members underwater (ילת”ם) the bodies of both pilots and Shaw.

The parallel ל”קוברה”, ה”יסעור” helicopters, grounded in August last year,
Following a technical fault aboard discovered one of the helicopters, which led to the decision to begin landing the helicopter pilots in the area without casualties. The air force decided to disable the array until finding the causes of failure in the rotor. The helicopters returned to routine activity
After completing the test.

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