Training in virtual reality

New Navy Simulator simulates the live range, without using live ammunition.
While restoration of the terrain the best. Its use avoids wasting ammo and life risk reducing

תאריך: 04/08/2013, 18:00    
מחבר: מערכת אתר צה”ל

New Simulator that entered service in the Navy. “-allow efficiency range Nevo shooting gun and Ammo, so that training be done in full image of live ammunition, but without shooting” real “.

The new system is an electronic system that simulates a live range, without using live ammunition in an optimal reconstruction of the terrain. “The imaging system saves tens of thousands of dollars to the Navy a year,” said a security officer Navy website of Haifa base, Maj. Daniel groia, “but the cost of ammunition consumed in both throughout the year, all of a logistic system around with the car, wear and transportation.
The new imaging system eliminates it altogether and is thus significant savings. “

The Navy is the first in which the troops were experimenting with a new system, and warriors.
And many apply martial supporters reach unique range at regular intervals. In addition to the financial savings, which Rabbi plus is how training that enables Imaging.

“The normal range cannot practice target moving or work against another person because of stringent safety procedures we must meet,” explained the officer safety, “the new system, however, allows a simulation of movement while COO in a variety of positions and not life threatening,” he concluded.

According to estimates, the number of soldiers from the Navy to use only expected to grow in the coming weeks, and among soldiers who already use substantial satisfaction and elation present challenge of fighting that allows.

Translated from Hebrew