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צילום ארכיון: דובר צה”ל

Want to request a vacation abroad, or for only one Next year, no longer have to get up from the Chair. The new system will allow soldiers to send such requests to their commanders and unit adjutant at the computer. In the future, even the medical world to blend in the same system

תאריך: 09/03/2015, 13:21    
מחבר: מיכל גלברד, אתר צה”ל


No longer travelers: starting next year, troops won’t have to sign forms commanders trips, vacation requests, exit level certificates etc. Instead, everything is done with the touch of a button. Possible thing for its new system, which will be completed at the end of this year and start to act during 2016, so bring a revolution in the world.
IDF human resources system “replaced: from the Committee staff. It is a size of 5000 users throughout the army, head of the information systems resources, care planning and control, Lieutenant Colonel Amir mills.

For example, today to take a holiday on a fill, move it manually to begin in order to sign, then bring the form to order the unit Adjutant request is entered. The new system will allow the soldier to open the process of requesting vacation. He need only to enter your desired dates and submit to its form. The Commander will be notified by email the personal Messenger that awaits him in the new request. Once you confirm it, your vacation will be entered in the system or be transferred for approval through the unit Adjutant. Using the Sir system to track all open requests, and to be updated on the status of the soldiers in his unit.

In fact, when embedded, shaproickt, adjutant to the Commander and use all the same. Another example of change that will affect directly on the soldier is a form of travel may become completely computerized. The system can forward them between stops, and he doesn’t have to travel.

In the future, all processes are replaced, from single management world (providing degrees and enter complaints), through courses, scheduling, record ת”ש units and also the worlds easy medicine and logistics will use this system. Log logistics
Already in April. “Around 2020 we should complete the implementation of all the plans,” said Lieutenant Colonel mills. “The project is not only a technological exchange, but a significant organizational change that most individual integration and workflows.”

The project is called a Roux (information systems, rishomat and Xiao), and allows for the replacement of hogri to the unified identification in
2013. the unified certificate “allows us to digitally sign documents and secure processes. So you can eliminate manual processes and processes are ready to be performed using the computer “, said Lieutenant Colonel mills.

Translated from Hebrew