Troop gathered “celebrated in heritage unique Hanukkah ceremony

צילום: נועה נוני

For the first time the families even booked for the day, Chanukah light brigades of the old menorah sent to Beirut battalion POWs

תאריך: 12/12/2012, 18:18    
מחבר: יעל ליבנת, אתר צה”ל

Assaf, battalion combat engineering battalion that is part of the glorious old
In the Corps, there last night (3) candle laughing stock. But Hanukkah celebrations not only soldiers of the Regiment, which is in continuous contact with all the bereaved families since its inception, invited them to a joint activity aimed at holiday festivities alongside, to remember and commemorate the fallen, and kept the incessant contact between the families.

Battalion “Assaf” history of IDF, in luxurious victories along with pain and loss. In 1956, after “operation kadesh”, won the regiment to get the distinguished service of “operation scorched earth” led. The regiment fought in all sectors throughout Israel, when wars in the six day war the mines corner besieged, established
Fortification in Sinai “line Bar Lev line” in the war of attrition, sabotaged the enemy in the Suez Canal.
Along the Yom Kippur war, and took part in all tasks, “” shaft which was formatted as a subject
Her first Lebanon war. The second Lebanon war, the regiment took part in the age
One of the powers which the okapzzo to Lebanon, where the warriors led raids on villages, destroyed Hezbollah, axis and hold open the Hezbollah captives via sabotage.

The lost battalion of his sons. The mood is running, from establishment until today, is to save memory of the fallen and to maintain contact with their families as possible. Therefore it was decided to make the special event, the first in size with all the families together with the regiment. The day began with activities in the Bayou, including sports competitions including families and warriors. Then came the soldiers, candle-lighting ceremony, which light the menorah, which was sent to old prisoners Beirut battalion so they can celebrate the holiday, another symbol of the glorious heritage of “Asaph”. The menorah is Chief of Bureau and returns every year on Regiment for Hanukkah candle-lighting.

“Our goal was to strengthen the relationship and feelings of the bereaved families shared troop and told the officer, Lieutenant Moore laughing stock. “This event shows how important our soldiers the relationship with, and reinforces the sense of belonging to the regiment and its heritage to those who sacrificed their lives for them and contributes to their familiarity with the laughing stock and military heritage”. Lieutenant Turner said that if other ceremonies in the bereaved families share the aim is to share them, here the main aim was create to interact with the soldiers. In addition, told the officer that “casualty officer education and the bone marrow itself in constant contact with all the families. The encounters with them are not only painful events such as funerals or memorial days, but throughout the year, even more joyful occasions such as this. Lieutenant Turner added that “it’s a very high importance in middle school, there is an understanding that Greece is impossible to charge ahead without looking what happened here before.”

Translated from Hebrew