Tuesday: the annual recruits of society

צילום ארכיון

The annual event will open “recruitment”, offering the latest information on recruits to the army can allow them to submit special requests directly.

תאריך: 30/06/2013, 14:38    
מחבר: מערכת אתר צה”ל

Friends of the Israel Defense Forces will take place on Tuesday of the annual recruits Festival, in conjunction with the unit. Along with concerts and benefits for young people coming to the event, open instead of “recruiting” maoiisht with 60 computer stations that provide for recruits on the IDF, they can submit special requests and offer them can change.

The purpose of the event, non-profit, is a salute to new army recruits, and strengthen the motivation for service. The Festival, which has become a tradition, the ninth year, and are expected to participate in thousands of teenagers toward recruiting across the country.

Instead are expected to “snake fish”, Dudu Aharon, Goshen, and military bands.
“The neighbors of Cheech. Rather than operate in two stages – stage music and karaoke and what that appear and comedians.

In addition, the youth will meet instead with dozens of different troops, soldiers serving now in specific units, and will be able to see directly from the experience and service experience. In the field will also be a performance of the IDF troops among the stalls placed instead be stood on behalf of the IDF spokesperson, the official Facebook page of the official IDF track alongside social media channels in different languages.

Translated from Hebrew