Two infants have been hospitalized at Soroka Hospital with a rare syndrome they contracted as a result of sanitary deficiencies in the Kibbutz nursery and in the petting zoo.

The Ministry of Health has received  reports of two cases of infants aged 7 and 10 months from a Kibbutz in the southern part of the country, who have been hospitalized at Soroka Hospital following an outbreak of diarrhea in the nursery. In one of the children the E. Coli bacteria has been detected. A sample was transferred to the Ministry of Health Central Lab for testing. After further investigation it turned out to be a rare syndrome called Hemolytic-Uremic Syndrome.
The epidemiological staff in the Southern District of the Ministry of Health carried out an investigation; additional samples were collected from other babies, some of whom had become sick with diarrhea and recovered. The samples have been transferred to the Ministry of Health Central Lab.
A sanitary inspection was conducted in the Kibbutz nursery. Sanitary environmental deficiencies, as well as personal hygiene deficiencies were found, and a briefing regarding their correction took place. There is a petting zoo in the kibbutz, which the kibbutz children, including babies, regularly visit. There is a variety of animals on the premises.
The Ministry of Health has ordered the closure of the nursery until further notice. The petting zoo has also been closed until further notice. All the people in the kibbutz were instructed to refer a child with diarrhea to a medical checkup.
In addition, samples were also taken from animals in the petting zoo, and they are being transferred for tests in the central Lab.