Two months after the fall of the late Deputy Raj night: our medical corps with noplio

צילום: אט”ל

Gen. Barak: “thanks to our human power, medical corps will ensure operational effort support advanced technological means.”

תאריך: 21/06/2012, 18:10    
מחבר: הללי יצחק, אט”ל

The force last week with our Museum, in a ceremony at the monument
The soldier, led by head of the technological and Logistics Directorate, Gen. Kobi Barak.
The ceremony was also attended by Deputy’s parents, Raj night catered a medical organization division officer and valleys.

Gen. Barak was referring to maurars authorities in the Middle East. “Instability in the Arab world, near and far, intensify the growing challenges before us, but as a strong, resolute, IDF and prepared before any enemy,” אט”ל said.

“The IDF medicine proves his ability, his determination to save a man’s life and his contribution to the supremacy of the IDF”, head of the missile, which emphasized that “thanks to the power of human medical corps, made support for operational efforts, through the provision of
Medical response in the field, ensuring high competency of medical forces and advanced technological means to expand medical care capabilities.

Chief Medical Officer, Brig. Gen. Dr. Isaac Kreis said in his speech that “today, as in the past, the IDF apiinit and medical corps that a post every time a new standard and exceptional dedication, steadfastness and mobilization, struggle for management
All wounded and sick. These are the beautiful face of the IDF and Israeli society. “

Brig. Gen. Kreis emphasized that “we are here today to tell you that as the boys and girls
Worked and sacrificed to pave the way for peace and security, so we add to them the values of true friendship, loyalty, love of the motherland and professionalism, determination and devotion, to move forward. “

Translated from Hebrew