Two religions, one identity

שאקר קוזני, הבוגר הבדואי הראשון של הפנימייה הצבאית בחיפה

Between the last graduates of the Military Academy in Haifa in particular acres adult koseni Bedouin Sunday – boarding school’s Jewish mother and father that he dream Bedouin officer army service

תאריך: 01/08/2012, 19:44    
מחבר: נוי שידלובסקי, ענף תקשורת, דובר צה”ל

Last week reported on the orders of 15 fresh mature military boarding school in Haifa. In this class, it’s hard not to notice the different backgrounds coming
Association with Germany-Christian who immigrated to Israel six years ago, an apprentice who made aliyah from Ethiopia’s advent boarding and more from a lone soldier.

Who stood out in particular is the hacker-koseni’s first private military boarding school in Haifa who from an early age aspired to serve as an officer in the IDF that hacker was born in a Jewish mother in son who emigrated from the Caucasus and Bedouin master. His parents met when both worked at a hotel in the city, fell in love and married after five years membership and moved in a-town where Jews live, Druze, Bedouin, in perfect harmony.

The hacker enters a religious complex reality: according to Judaism – hacker. According to Islam is a Muslim. “Home celebrate all religious holidays together. It’s not easy, I belong to both religions, and celebrates all of the both. I’m a Jewish mother and father’s Bedouin reality was born to her, “he describes.

In the middle of the Division a, became interested in studying at a boarding school. His father was an officer and his uncle, serving today as Lieutenant-Colonel in Golani encouraged him while his mother objected on the grounds that “kissing is 18 and a 15-year-olds, but that no hacker
And others and declared: “I want to be an officer. He went to sorts and “went through a long process of change and I can say this with pride and a smile, developed on the ethical, moral and personal dealt already 15 with difficulties and challenges of adults, I’ve grown and learned how to be a good officer.”

For koseni it was clear that the army is saying it’s not a choice but an obligation was raised “every citizen equal rights just as debt.” Soon, saying that IDF hacker and now he’s trying to a fighter if accepted, would be the first Bedouin. And what about the younger generation in the family? A hacker already prepares the boarding school for 13-year-old younger brother who
Interested in joining the military boarding school.

Translated from Hebrew