Two rockets were fired from Sinai to Eilat–no casualties.

רקטה באילת, ארכיון

The rockets, fired from Sinai, hit open areas in the city. No casualties and no damage

תאריך: 17/04/2013, 10:14    
מחבר: מערכת אתר צה”ל

In the last hour shot 2 rockets from Sinai Wilderness. No casualties and no damage. Two persons were found in the city.

The alarm was in town at 9:00 this morning and residents reported Mahdi explosions.
IDF forces went to the area to scan because of the rockets, found, in open areas.

The latest shooting occurred at Eilat in April last year, when the city fell Grad shrkett There were no casualties in the incident but several people were treated for shock. On 2 Aug 2010 shot half Chinese surface towards Israel six 122 mm rockets that fell in the city.
Eilat, one rooftop pool drainage North of the city. There were no casualties. Two rockets
Aqaba fell in overtime in front of the InterContinental Hotel. A Jordanian national was killed and five
Were wounded, one of them critically. Another rocket fell into the sea.

Translated from Hebrew