Two soldiers were lightly injured by terrorists in central Gaza Strip

The soldiers were wounded in the area in the central Gaza Strip, while during the course of an operation. They were evacuated for medical treatment in the hospital. The IDF returned fire at suspicious figures.

תאריך: 23/05/2012, 17:48    
מחבר: מערכת אתר צה”ל

Two soldiers were injured today (Wednesday) in Miri, while during routine operational activity in the area, in the central Gaza Strip.
This is apparently shot in the arms.

The soldiers received initial medical treatment on the spot and then transferred by helicopter to receive medical treatment at Soroka Hospital in Beersheba. The IDF force returned fire at suspicious spots in the area.

Last week, the IDF prevented terrorists approached the security fence in the northern Gaza Strip after committing towards them. In the event, there were no casualties.

The presence of terrorist elements in the fence system is used for freight, the planning of terrorist attacks
And kidnapping attempts against IDF soldiers and the residents of the State of Israel and the security forces operating in the area.

Earlier this month opened fire on IDF force which engaged in routine operational activity near the security fence in the central Gaza Strip. There are no casualties but slight damage caused to two vehicles. Apparently it is a firing RPG and small arms fire at the force.
In response, aircraft of the air force and armored forces carried out firing at suspicious points.

Translated from Hebrew