Tyre and neutralizing enemy practiced sailing seas 916

הספינות במהלך התרגיל, בשבוע שעבר. צילום: סמ”ר אורי שיפרין ענבי, דובר צה”ל

In the largest exercise in the past decade, several fighters practiced routine and operational scenarios, in cooperation with the air force forces

תאריך: 13/05/2012, 11:37    
מחבר: יוחנן לוין, אתר חיל הים

Last week I woke up to a bastod party fighters not to 913 offbeat:
In collaboration with fin unit, air force and Navy, attended all ships sailing in practice that doesn’t look like in ten years. Warriors practicing for scenarios that can happen at any time and in addition to try several scenarios that can occur during

Sailing in Ashdod base 916, consists of a sample “Bee” ו”שלדג”.
During the exercise, which took place in the presence of the party’s senior ranks, several scenarios: disabling an enemy on the high seas, sudri cruise, ship malfunctions, the evacuation of wounded by helicopter and
Under compliance with timeouts. The Colonel commanded training Sparrow Friedman, Chief of base, came to see the combat readiness of the situation.

Tyre and neutralizing enemy practiced sailing seas 916

Remote already sounded whistles. Looking to the sky, a few yards from the ship.
“Helicopter” bat Dima evacuation of injured at sea. A few minutes pass quick fighters and the wounded. “Acts swiftly and at a high level,” noted Deputy Amir, Deborah, warriors function in exercise.

After operation, the ships received envelopes with multiple scenarios that seemed faults in real-time. Among the Ballet scenario envelope the engine room fire, which required the crew to abandon her and the ship crew (inflatable boat).
In operating the event stood out the close collaboration between the fighters, as well as tasks between the ships and the ship became the first successfully completed neatly went proudly ship Horn, which was powerful and proud feeling spintit.

He also practiced the Warriors State of long-term stays at sea, shbthergil waited for big ship ships with fuel and logistical needs for long cruises.
During the exercise, the Board members passed the refueling pistol towards the fighters. The Warriors functioned under pressure and controlling weather and sea conditions did not.

Tyre and neutralizing enemy practiced sailing seas 916

A trip to the next destination, the ships in several exercises including the high command is in complete control of the ships. Initially began the trip when the connected vessels. “To see all the boats together, gives strength and pride and induces confidence like no other,” says Sgt. Ofer follower, Commander of one of the ships in the squadron.
CPL. Jesse right describes his feelings during the trip: “it’s crazy to see
The ships together. The Union forces in order to maintain the State of Israel, is worth everything.
In a series of assignments, it was possible to see the extensive collaboration between the ships and the ability of the ships look work event of terrorism, also with many forces.

A long column of bees and kingfishers, together with fin unit, deployed ships along the coast, in a picture worth a thousand words. All of the ships come aboard to watch the amazing spectacle that decade, amazed the power and confidence like no other. Deputy Amir, Deborah Chief, stood with his men on the bridge looking towards the naval force, said: “we are here to safeguard the security of the State of Israel.” Then the Deputy Emir, “added strength to be Navy. To see all the ships along the coast of the country gives a lot of pride and the knowledge that citizens of the State of Israel
Can sleep well at night. “

“It was a pleasure to see the power of party 916. Showed professionalism, speed and determination, “he said at the end of the training base commander Colonel Friedman. Back to base forces next to the shores of Israel, to show the citizens that they have something to hold onto. Deputy Amir, Deborah concluded that “we were all targets we set ourselves, were appointed at a good rate and amount of such ships in tnalano high efficiency”.

Translated from Hebrew