U.s. Defense Secretary visits Israel

צילום: אריאל חרמוני, משרד הביטחון

American Defence Secretary, Leon Panetta, visited Israel for the first time in this capacity. Defense Minister: “Leon contributed to strengthening the special ties between Israel to the u.s.”

תאריך: 03/10/2011, 14:59    

Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak met today (Monday) with American Defense Secretary, Leon Panetta, Office of the Minister of Defense, Tel: Fanta, which is the first visit to Israel since Israel, the honor guard in which the Chief of staff, Lieutenant General Benny Gantz. After work, meeting gathered the two Joint Conference, held at the Defense Ministry on campus.

“We are happy to accept American Defense Secretary, Leon Panetta, who is also an old friend of mine and that of Israel. Also in his previous position as head of the CIA, and now his Secretary of Defense, Leon has contributed a great deal to strengthen ties between Israel and the United States special and maintaining Israel’s military superiority, “said Defense Minister Barak after his meeting with u.s. Defense Secretary.

Minister Burke noted that he admitted to Panetta on support for Israel security and noted that “we are in a global struggle against terrorism, we are fighting along our borders and in the Interior, and far from our borders. Americans carry some of the burden on the entire region and the world and we congratulate them on it. “

“The United States is a major anchor for progress in this area, is the best friend of Israel
And we see together the cooperation, even if we occasionally hear, that is not necessarily the same as in our opinion in many areas, “the Minister added,” We hope and believe that the special relationship, based on shared values, depth and with American, will continue as they develop across the Government, against the establishment of American security, and that Nathan only recently repeated specimens to support truth and real mixed in Israel “.

Translated from Hebrew