Ultra boy wonder became an officer in the HFC

Second Lieutenant David Hertz was one of the major promises of Hasidic singer. Since he came back, joined the army the week end course, officers of the home front command. “It’s important for me to save a life”, he describes

תאריך: 19/06/2012, 15:46    
מחבר: דניאלה בוקור, אתר צה”ל

Among the audience at the end of the course, officers of the home front command stands pair
Still, excited, of Hasidic men and women. The woman, her wig, smiling from ear to ear the cadets marching on the parade, and the bearded man moves his soldiers ‘ lines, searches for his son. Dudi Hertz replied short glance through his glasses, puts his hand in his mgolachot and take a look at the devastation that’s hard to believe, looking at the officer determined and, only a few years ago my uncle was one of the major promises runner of Hasidic singer.

Dudi Hertz was born and raised in an Orthodox home. Young started the Nightingale voice it has to gain fans, and soon was discovered as a child prodigy and world renowned religious singer. “Many servers and showed so many regarded me as a child prodigy in Israel and abroad,” recalls second lieutenant, “among other things showed up with the Israel Philharmonic and made a lot of pianists”. My uncle was a notable achishronot in poetry, Jewish and cantorial music. He appeared in the recordings of events around the globe.

At the age of 15 began a sharp turn in the life of David. “I came back with a question. Just come to the conclusion that I am not a believer, “he explains,” I chose my way since and insisted on complete
The final exams for 11th and 12th grades.  Then I went to prep school, military factor and joined the expired for search and rescue. “

In March 2010 the David “Regiment, a battalion of mixed boys and girls. Selecting פקע”ר brigades was not accidental. He says that as a choice in perception that destiny
Of the HFC is not only rescue. “It was important for me to rescue civilians and over
Time I want more responsibility. I asked and found officer “, he says humbly,” I don’t think we need to rush anywhere. There is life after that to be citizens, while the army intended to use it. At the end of the course
Be a. קה”ד and I’m very pleased.”

Although the second lieutenant’s uncle served pumiced Hz not used him in the military service, “the boy wonder” continues to retain a special affection for music, and questions to return to this world more distant days. “Basically, I still don’t know what will happen to my singing. Some of it remains and perhaps go back to her in the future, “he describes.

In all the dramatic events in the life of second lieutenant, remained in touch with his family and strong. ” Today they came to cheer my heart and they discover very understanding to my actions. My father insisted very joined the army and used to say, when really the faith I need to choose and stick to it until the end. ” In these moments, the heart on the stairs, the pride of a pure son. “They’re very proud of the leadership process, too,” he noted, “we’re six brothers, all here for the first time in full military ceremony.

Brother of Hertz express no interest kicked in and the role of the brother and Uncle are hoping will also consider the draft. “I have a brother who I believe wants to follow and enlist. He wants to join the Orthodox Nahal Haredi or similar course he asked me many questions, interested and interesting to do it himself.
I’m a model, of course not. My little brothers also are interested, and maybe
When they grow up, they decide to join.

Translated from Hebrew