Under Mei Beersheba

נפילת רקטה באשדוד היום. צילום: תום דדון, דו”ץ.

When in combat, became the second scene, the reserve and regular soldiers to operate them too. One day among the soldiers, who do everything to maintain completely different front-Morel residents

תאריך: 21/11/2012, 02:15    
מחבר: רותם פסו, אתר צה”ל

That is a gray and boring in most places across the globe, but not in Be’er Sheva. The procedure in the South of the country is volatile, perhaps even treacherous. Streets.
A lively consumers and bystanders can become a human swarm seconds trying to find the best space protected and close to their location. During operation “pillar” capital of the Negev has known a large number of alarms following numerous rocket launches to around
The South of the country. While life must be conducted, but different buildings around town wearing another character, in a built-up area.

In one of the sports halls in the city reserve battalion deployed “cutting edge” of the home front command, in charge of search and rescue missions in the Be’er Sheva area. Throughout the gym scattered mattresses with sheets, military and shower towels available depend on the inner settings between sessions to the basketball court.
Sports complex becomes complex, the greenest gathering dozens of combatants.

Under Mei Beersheba

Deputy Battalion Commander, Maj. (Ret.) telegram messengers, two days after the beginning of place pop-up. Friday morning came around. On Friday evening we all together between alarm alarm is a combination of the image of the complex reality. At home in Ashkelon left his wife and small children. “When there’s a call alarm to make sure everything was okay, and when there is an alarm call in Ashkelon. We keep each other, “he says. The motivation of soldiers remains high, with almost full attendance. “Our battalion also in training and operational employment. The last exercise made a few months ago, and we are ready and fit, cutting edge
The County’s Southwest front command reserve, “explained Maj. (Ret.) p.

A soldier in the Regiment, רס”ל (RES) Alex Kozlowski, left at home a woman and two little girls. “I got here on Thursday. In the meantime, we’re here to help the police, firemen and maintain them. We enclose regions together with testing areas. Sometimes we jump ahead “, he stresses the importance of their activities in the city. “It is our mission here, and the very high percentage of immigrants,” he says, penetrate.

Translated from Hebrew