Underground, away from sunlight: the IDF continues to challenge the value

בין הסלעים והשיחים – חיילי המחס”ר בפעולה. צילומים: שי וגנר, דובר צה”ל

Fighters patrol Division of the engineering battalion “Assaf” complete unique training held in underground part of the Warrior coaching the Warriors get him

תאריך: 18/02/2013, 13:20    
מחבר: יעל ליבנת, אתר צה”ל

Between the green of the jungle training areas at the base of Eliakim, hardly distinguishable from soldiers patrol Division of the engineering battalion “Assaf”. Moreover, it is impossible to see how they work out. This time, the rocks, bushes and flowering cyclamen, wielding warriors from the ground a trapdoor leading to the underground tunnel. In a scene that looks like taken from an old war movie, machs fighters training in underground space, as part of a workout Warrior, thicket that passed this month during divisional training period. This exercise is conducted from the understanding that the issue poses a challenge
To prepare accordingly.

Underground, away from sunlight: the IDF continues to challenge the value

Warrior week denouement takes place after tour course that underwent machs fighters over three weeks of initiation with a ball attached to a guerrilla of Eliakim, who specialize in the topic tangle and underground and combat. Before entering the tunnel, detailed workshop warriors about the baby fighting (thick-fortified) and fighting in the area, learned about dealing with IDF bunkers and tunnels in purification practices conducted by teams.

Underground, away from sunlight: the IDF continues to challenge the value

In this type of terrain route is the route more complicated than combat or built-up area. For the warrior to be sharp, alert to any threat, Hamel requested to cover his team. However, it is evident that the Warrior ready: inclement weather and rain srzipi bothered to practice peaceful arrival tunnel through bushy terrain, traffic through the tunnel entrance and scan for all citizens, which Chambers and were thoroughly professional.

“A large part of the training was the Warrior, and it complicates the issue of subterranean warfare,” said the Commander, Lieutenant machs responds that, “ultimately, I think Warrior should be operative. Today we practice fighting in blood, and include everything that we might encounter. ” Lieutenant Walker noted that “any such practice.
We acquire knowledge that we practice, which eventually makes us better.
Per day. Every piece of information that they had any training or class buyers are taking them to the next training or operational employment and out we actually train for fighting around the clock, all year round.

Underground, away from sunlight: the IDF continues to challenge the value

Machs troops specialize in micosh issues, hacking, sabotage, camouflage, reconnaissance, intelligence
Engineering, observations, urban warfare and undergrowth, all with expertise in issues of living, and its objective is leading the forces Regiment in the war. “In the last operational we in Jordan, led special activities and more complicated, like a unique and targeted arrests,” said a staff sergeant Harel, “each a would-be machs always more knowledge and professionalism, and want to learn more
Wherever he is. “

Translated from Hebrew