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האלוף תורג’מן עם אחד החיילים המתנדבים. צילום: זרוע היבשה

GoC army fruitful recording soldiers suffering from mental retardation, was the army as volunteers. Wing Commander, Gen. 9: “as a friend and as an army should have us all.”

תאריך: 13/06/2012, 17:24    
מחבר: שיר פילו, זרוע היבשה

Dry recording arm last week to four soldiers in its ranks. The four children, who suffer from mental retardation, enlisted the army as volunteers, and to serve
Officially the arm camp Bar Lev. The Wing Commander major general Solomon (Sammy) 994
Met them in draft day, touching ceremony organized for them at the base. He wished them a significant and challenging period in Israel and gave them the ticket availability that will accompany them throughout the service.

The main Commander of GoC army headquarters, Kevin dodzadia רס”ב, tells of the process of integration of new soldiers in the IDF.” it all began a year ago when camp רנ”ג flown by Isaac akrish approached me and shared with me. It’s all about motivation
And deeds always impressive. Of course, happy to cooperate, and only got two volunteers, Ido Winer and Aaron caplan. Although they are with us for a few months, just this week they officially joined the army, and it was very exciting, “he describes.

Dodzadia רס”ב recalled the first days with the kitchen staff:” the first three months were a challenge. It took a while before my soldiers learned how to behave, how to treat them and how to get them. Accompanied by akim and the Commander of the camp, we went during the workshop explained to us that the most important thing is to see them as equals among equals. We learn not
To pity them and make things easier, but to contact them as heading for another soldier.

As noted, the meeting 9 a day mobilization. “These guys are very special who want to enlist and assimilate into Israeli society. I think we as a society and particularly
When the army should get us all, “said the Commander of GoC army headquarters,” these soldiers in service is all. The first time they feel equal. Found out who knows to get back to TLC.

While half the week, volunteers, official new haiolle began also the process. “It’s proof of success,” dodzadia רס”ב. “This week was very exciting for all of us. They went on Sunday for the first time, and celebrated with the beret wearing, single brand
The new one. So filled with pride. We were in line with the process every soldier goes haiolle, and now they are part of us. “

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