Unmanned aerial vehicles air force help the hostages later scans


The new Squadron was bouncing off also helps combat forces on the ground to locate signs and clues as to where the kidnapped boys: “there is a tense expectation results.”

תאריך: 17/06/2014, 10:13    
מחבר: אלעד הלפרין, אתר צה”ל

The news of the kidnapping of three teenagers in the both the UAV Squadron soldiers during the weekend were of routine activity, event notification required air support operations. In addition to summoning reserve forces,
The squadron preparing to rise. While a network contact with other forces
To hear details about the incident until a brief clear picture.

Deputy Squadron (סמ”ט) a new Squadron, major v., said on the ride. “Immediately we must, in order to provide assistance. Saturday morning join us significant forces. Since we are now in the air, and provide assistance to forces that the scans on the ground, “said. Now work in full cooperation, slowly Anoint your candle all security agencies is to provide reliable information on the whereabouts of the hostages.

However, operational activity in Judea and Samaria area poses challenges to the squadron
New ones. “Most of our work is accompanied by top security and patrolling forces on the ground. It is not always easy to distinguish between enemy to friend, “explained major n.

Another challenge in escape attempts of figure he wanted. “In these cases, the responsibility is on us – we need to follow every move requested
Until his troops capture him “, explained major n. “In most cases of familiar terrain, and possibly of you can give us a lead that will provide information about the three boys”.

The shared feeling among the IDF is working towards common results.
“We are working around the clock since Friday, a tense expectation. The challenges are great, but we’re dealing with them successfully, “concluded major n.

Translated from Hebrew