Unsubscribe install system protect in smartphones


The system prevents spyware software to control the remote devices and listen to information technology, which according to existing assessments by the enemy.

תאריך: 14/04/2013, 07:30    
מחבר: לי ירון, ”במחנה“

The IDF will smartphones to the Trojans that only granted protection by the Security Department in information, protect against eavesdropping by hostile elements. Unsubscribe indicate that since switching to the company “Cellcom” last year, a significant increase in the risk of leakage of sensitive information from the mobile phones of officers, hitherto enjoyed protection.

“As part of an effort to listen to rebel regimes in their homeland, the cetiidotam was listening systems. In fact, it is quite possible that exploiting this ability to listen to the Israeli side, too, especially for senior officers, since the transition to smart phones are more vulnerable, “says senior officer unsubscribe to the information in the fear that trickle is not considered classified because the annual uniform aware the importance of maintaining information security based phone communication.

Listening ability in question based on the Trojan sent to your cell phone via text message. When shactin opens the message, the virus takes over the device and allowing the enemy to know location, view the content you watch him and turn the camera

The system will be installed on the same ל”אנטי smartphones” virus, which prevents the seizure of external software. “It is important to emphasize that all the army officers and soldiers are exposed to such attacks,” said the army, “dealing with the problem through extensive advocacy of information security, as well as the procedures that prohibit mobile synagogue for classified discussions and operational activities.

Translated from Hebrew