Unusual amount of weapons was seized in the Southern Hebron Hills

תפיסת האמל”ח, השבוע. צילום: דובר צה”ל

“Samson” battalion of the Kfir Brigade stopped the terrorist cell and discovered this week in search of weaponry, including Uzi and AK rifles

תאריך: 12/09/2012, 12:10    
מחבר: פלורית שויחט, אתר צה”ל

During the latest round of arrests of terrorists in the Southern Hebron Hills this week, “Samson” battalion of the Kfir Brigade got an unusual amount of weapons. The arrests
Conducted in several villages in the area based on intelligence information, as shbmalakm received new information that indicate the presence of weapons in one of the houses. The Warriors revealed in searching two Uzi rifles, a pistol and a Kalashnikov rifle, ammunition lot.
Of arrested and taken for interrogation by the security forces.

“This is a very unusual concept of weaponry, and us regular cervical vertebrae arrested does not belong to a terrorist organization. We understand they intend to carry out terrorist attacks, “said the IDF battalion commander site Samson, Lt. Col. Dotan Rovner. The information obtained during preparations for the holiday of Ramadan, which ended during the ritual and offensive activities of the regiment which made many arrests. “The biggest concern was in Ramadan, since
A year ago during a holiday with wife arrested in Jerusalem two years ago there was a shooting attack on the Ames family in Bani Na’im, “explained Lieutenant Colonel Rovner. “Captured leads
That is the tip of the iceberg as far as we’re concerned, “said.

Meanwhile, similar to other areas in Judea, hatm security warming in the last two weeks. Among other things thrown in petrol bombs and stones at IDF forces. Emphasize that battalion is focused and warming under control.
“Our mission to prevent it doesn’t spread further,” noted Lieutenant Colonel Rovner.

Preparations began for the olive harvest

Besides preventing hostile terrorist activity, the regiment found in sector for months engaged in preventing friction between Jewish Palestinian population. “We invest a lot of effort to protect everyone who lives here, and keep
Life is quiet routine on the Palestinian side, “said Meg neighbouring bad events happen in the area frequently especially on weekends, and even violent attacks. For example, following the events of the friction, the arrest last Saturday a Jewish resident tried to attack a Palestinian resident.

Meanwhile, throughout Judea and Samaria, preparations for the olive harvest will happen in a month. “We do a briefing with commanders, coordination with the Palestinians and with ongoing military security centres, and mental preparations to soldiers in the events,” explained Lieutenant Colonel Rovner. Any friction Center sells are expected to be military forces to prevent violence between the two populations.

Translated from Hebrew