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Enlist, before you spend money in shops
The IDF website, doing right things and discover your most equipment will be free of charge, courtesy of the IDF

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מחבר: פלורית שויחט, אתר צה”ל

Enlisting in the army is like to live on Mars. Suddenly you realize that at civilian life your leisurely took a strange world is unclear, commands, rights and obligations. When you combine soldiers to a large organization in the country, the IDF.
And before it’s time to clean up. In the next article, the first in a series of articles, start asking questions of logistics, and in-between.

Your haiolle chain received the duffel bag (full list below), uniforms, shoes and everything about them.

Warriors, the last cycles receive only one pair of shoes instead of two, much more comfortable old shoes and give you much more than a block. Besides, two pairs of pants, 2 pairs of socks, 5 build thick anti bacterial and iaiisho your case. The army takes care of you up to three, even.
The surprising colored jerseys of green and white, towel and bathing bag, a jacket and a soldier.
Field that formed you in due course with personal weapons.

Intended for back-end service eligible for similar equipment, except special shoes (plus
Old shoes), without field systems. Fighting supporters get identical equipment
To c, plus another shoe to diversity.

In combat receive only non-socks and tank tops, 3 2 pairs overalls, jacket, ו”ירכית” weird that probably will never wear. In addition to the concatenated pair booties tailoring “black only” winner in style “Golda’s shoes/bat mitzvah of
The Fez and pepper spray, will be around forever, at least until the liberation.

B equipment (i.e. too much work, helmets, vests and nautical) provided you have
In your barracks. It is important to examine in detail whether all existing equipment, and save you a big headache and quartermaster. Note what you sign, the sign and submit it when prompted for your direct superiors or icons.

Sometimes it happens that some faulty equipment, sorry your own duffel bag without being asked and therefore almost all right weekly held in Commons, where you pass a test equipment by pkdikm, and faulty equipment returned to logistics. Brand new equipment will be ready for you within

Please note! Try not to lose any valuable equipment, especially as winter equipment, vests and helmets, since you have to pay for the dead (admin fee). He is the answer to your losses, including two options for sector: financial salary deduction even though no warning or trial, for all it entails. However, the IDF cannot take
More than a third of your salary is lost (117 dollars you could spend in a sack), but still it is not a best practice.

After three weeks in basic training when the percentage of weapons (most living get Tabor, M-16). After a while you already like to take them home and travel with a lot of “uasach” and min pins on buses throughout the country. Like other equipment, if not more, about need to save, and small parts. To maintain the weapons also has an important security aspect and sense and once recorded attempts (success)
The kidnapping, theft and weapons trade.

But you will also receive a gun cleaning kit, gun bullets, and five rounds, one of which is “bad cartridge” structure for practice only.

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Full list: all you get in line

List of equipment for combat service recruits in field units:

Personal equipment bag (צ’ימידן)
2 pairs of pants.
2 t-shirts
3 (only boys)
3 t-shirt t-shirts
A lock
9 pairs of wool socks
2 towels
Toiletry bag
2 pairs of shoes.
2 sports shorts
From above
Soldier system,
Backpack black
(Warriors receive gas spray too).

The recruits to boot camp צה”לית rule:

Duffel bag
3 pairs of pants.
3 blouses (girls take 2)
3 (only boys)
Irchit summer (girls only)
Gas spray (girls only)
3 jerseys merch stand.
Dressing (only boys)
Lock (only boys)
5 pairs of cotton socks (5 pairs of girls Sports Socks)
A towel
Toiletry bag
A pair of shoes.
From above
Soldier system,
Black backpack.

The system is not a Warrior includes:

Sewing Kit
Pocket Book
A toothbrush
Luminous tape

Razor חד”פ
Tags coverings

Only girls:
Wipes Pack

Warrior Kit includes:

Peck Holster pockets
10 plastic
Sholei rubber pants
8 thick strings.
3 sticky movies
A whistle
Watch cover
Shoe brush
DrawString l’m not sure slim
Gun oil spray
A screwdriver
The Geller (shave brush for cleaning a rifle.)

Translated from Hebrew