Vegans in uniform.

דובר צה”ל

International day of veganism indicated today worldwide is a great orders to examine a range of options that are available to the population of vegans • menu:
Pay & shoes made of synthetic materials only.

תאריך: 01/11/2007, 10:14    
מחבר: אלעד שלו

It’s not easy being vegan, admits ‘ economic centre fee רמ”ד, Sgt.-major Yair Rosen, in charge of registering the vegans in the IDF before trying the food centre to create a custom food to the soldiers, vegan In recent years resolved to give nearly 100 vegans in salary supplement,
About 552 shekels a month to soldiers at the base closing and $ -292 a month to soldiers at the base open. With the entry of the who project (food to a soldier), pass the restaurant sector by catering company, remains responsible for the vegans in the Center.

During the year from the center issue for eller vegans special shoes made of synthetic materials, but similar in shape to the standard shoe.
“Need to understand that this is not a preference is a way of life and faith is impossible to exceed the”, “society spokeswoman tells anonymous”, Bernadette.

To win the soldier’s Army being vegan, ideological reasons or health, it must apply to the interface unit for economic fees to a vegan along multiple documents (see frame). Heather household moves the food engineers
Technology Unit, discussing the request and confirm them according to criteria that are the same as the definition of “anonymous society” vegan and vegetarian and vegan society
In Israel-a person who does not eat meat, milk and eggs and does not need food, consumer goods and products tested or produced from animals. According to Sgt.-major Earl of Dover in a month, when the soldier gets the retroactive wages deserve once the application. In fact, it is possible to regulate the approval of the first stage in the recruitment.
And get the allowance already military paycheck veganism I.

For combat troops, maintaining that veganism is harder as you move
Days in the field and which mainly consists of tpritam grinding, vegetables and legumes. Here too
You can forestall strikes when the soldier combat vegan may store food that you buy annuity calculator financial added to salary-Office refrigerator is
Military headquarters or Office unlimited food and quantities.

The food centre figures show that 50 requests for economic fees for veganism served on average annually. “The army troops commitment is to make sure they eat a nutritious way rather than betray their basic beliefs,” agreed spokeswoman “anonymous” and adds: “we are ready to help the army all we to realize.”

Vegan in IDF service

Sergeant Elad Cohen
Even after 2 years and a few months of service, I find it difficult to forget the moment of announcement before the interview in one of the standard opening of t. After that fluttered in the form of articles that touched the family and economic status, completely devoid of suspicion about the nature of the rookie mboish sitting in front of the article: “are you vegan, or biblical Samaritan?” I knew it wasn’t going to go quietly, but I replied in a tone some sorry: “vegan”.
The receipt of the fee after I got serial
To home base. Although a bit long process, but simply and ultimately fair and worthwhile, wishful thinking on the part of non-profit animal rights, environmental variance to get weird preference and eventually practiced even kind of curious questions “so what exactly is eating vegans? Do you eat fish? “or” what is the difference between a chicken cucumber? Cucumber can feel too! “
Everything, then, comes on fine. Oh well, I still want to serve in IDF bases in PITA with hummus צ’אנקס soybean.

-Information that you get “vegan

Before the draft, the applicant must provide the security service tormented in the recruitment in the following documents:
• A signed statement by a lawyer
• Physician care statement at the hospital, indicating the soldier being vegan for over six months.
• A letter signed by a nutritionist at the hospital.
Regular service: to obtain all the documents and add-in:
• A certificate signed by an officer with the rank of Lieutenant Colonel
• House call by the officials attacked veganism throughout the regular service of the soldier and milloa service


Translated from Hebrew