Veterans in Champions Tour in operation administrators: “we must learn from the experience of”

מפקד הפיקוד אלוף אלון מרצה בפני הסקרים. צילום: דובר צה”ל

Senior reserve officers visited Mayo as part of a series of tours they conduct commands and IDF arms

תאריך: 21/06/2013, 12:03    
מחבר: דנה פטרוב ויעל ליבנת, אתר צה”ל

Hop group officers of IDF, including 20 champions and Brigadier General who fought in the war of independence and during the six day war, patrol this weekend (Sunday) in command. During the tour, received the command control reviews, Gen. Nitzan Alon and Etzion Brigade, Col. Yaniv Elalouf.

The tour took place as part of a series of events of General (Ret.) yeshayahu (shaike) Crystal, which are held for the third year. General Alon said in his “here.
In the Conference room are many years of operational experience, and us commanders to learn from this
For years to come. “

“The aim of the tour is to meet leading approved by the IDF in order to have sufficient data on the army today to speak in and out,” explained Gen. (Ret.). “We decided to visit every few months somewhere else in until the day we visited
The southern command, the air force and Navy, and saw the changes that have occurred and the new technologies that are in use today.

Veterans in Champions Tour in operation administrators: “we must learn from the experience of”

Officers at the tomb of the Patriarchs. Makhoul Etzion: “they’re the ones who taught us to find a way even when it looks like there isn’t one.”

During the tour, visited veterans in the central command in Jerusalem, Etzion and Hebron hatm, where he climbed up the stairs of the Patriarchs lightly, like just yesterday took part in the battle of conquest.

During a tour of the tomb of the Patriarchs, major General (Res.) Amos horev, head of the former אט”ל, told attendees at a battle of the cave. Major General (Ret.) horev was one of the first to arrive at the tomb of the Patriarchs in the six day war, and along with Rabbi Shlomo Goren when it blowed improved during battle for Hebron and hung the flag to the top of the cave.

“We are always in the same car, except along
Time the group becomes smaller, “said Maj. Gen. (Ret.). “A lot of important people who participated in these fights longer. No gang, we’re going with sticks but still going. The IDF is happy to accommodate us. We feel that outstanding assessment to Hickey’s generation the State. “

The IDF veterans hatm Etzion received an extensive review on the Division and powers, and challenges. After reviewing join allalouf marrow to IDF veterans bus to Hebron, and gave them an explanation about
The area around them. “I see tremendous importance on this visit,” said the happy excitement.
Great holiday day. These people were doing things that later became the IDF values and norms based on them today. They’re the ones who taught us to figure out a way even when it seems like
There isn’t one. “

Translated from Hebrew