View of excellence President

Golani, Warrior site and headquarters Sergeant in the Department’s coordination, prove that aacetiinot depends on the person, not just a job.

תאריך: 24/04/2012, 15:04    
מחבר: דניאלה בוקור, אתר צה”ל

For President 2012 excellence ceremony to be held on Thursday at the President’s House in Jerusalem, three soldiers motivated about the circumstances that led them to win the coveted title. Golani, Warrior site and headquarters Sergeant dead link Department (Director of DCL) prove that aacetiinot not, but
In person.

Yael icon-site headquarters contact Sirota

A year and a half, Yael managed symbol to oversee three Sirota posted,
Dozens of soldiers אבט”ש control and supervise many ICT systems. As Chief.
Contact site responsible for a southern icon Sirota guarding the communication efficiency of southern command. “Of course communication and operational obtzati reach”, she explains. “Today I am a mountain outpost and watching most of the Gaza Division. Whenever I placed increasingly large and in charge.
Place, which requires a lot of responsibility. “

“This is not an easy job”, she reveals, “you have to deal with the number of new soldiers, teaching
Them all and ensure they take seriously retention. Besides need to act and to send reports frequently. The mountain Fund dealing with penetrations of Sirota icon Sudanese army post. “In this situation one must skip the soldiers guarding the power, girth and receive assistance from fighters in the area. Sleeping penetration almost once a week, and I need to brief the soldiers and guards forces to help “.

Sergeant selected to be outstanding Sirota after long overlooked little larger outposts are stationed. “It’s important for me to spend on the job and I understand its importance.
Because of the shortage of officers was important to me to stay. I could go to the site easier, but
It burned me to continue to work hard, “she says.

Among the most memorable moments in the bundle on the icon caused especially sorita day רס”ל Gilad Shalit’s return home. “We took part in the great project of return. We were very close to where the prisoners were ptachtano a lot of veins return favor. Sorita icon trying to do their job effectively even when not know with certainty the operational plan. “There have been several orders have been undergoing high officials and nobody knows why they do it,” she describes, “we knew it was important and it was enough. We know that they’re not just about jobs. “

Sgt. Shay-link class kricheli in dead.

The friction between IDF and Palestinian population in Judea and Samaria is daily and consists of no other. Sergeant Shi kricheli living the conflict in military service, and for which many Palestinians from entering into Israel areas. “Every Palestinian
I want to move legally to the land passes. We provide medical certificates,
Permits to go to Friday prayers on the Temple Mount, to explore and to visit families living on the other side of the green line “, noted Sgt. kricheli.

“You can’t say you haven’t played,” confesses, “Sgt. kricheli role.
There is a large language differences Although we know there are still people base very hard to communicate with them. However, because “there’s Sgt. kricheli says many nice people. We are also working against the Palestinian Civil Affairs Ministry which is interesting. The most positive attitude – mutual respect and understanding. Troublemakers are usually organized youth rebellion that documents “.

“Despite the role played I think is important. Maybe we’re not warriors but continue and develop our sector indicating its importance, “says Sgt. kricheli, indicating that he thinks they have chosen it as a performer because he cares about the extensive measures. “Sometimes hard times but have the desire to continue doing well, holding me to work hard.”

Sgt. Jacob WIS live in Golani Brigade

The IDF is a platform for promoting military military framework.
The could reach the world. Sgt. Jacob lived Weitzman, Alpha company of the first battalion “breaking” of Golani, managed to escape the law and remit today is the undisputed head of the company.

His military service was questionable. “I had an exemption because many police cases.
Cases of violence and arson. Things aren’t simple. I was a bad bunch today is vast gun. If I hadn’t today in Golani, I was there with them. I hated it and fought to enlist. Two years fighting to be in combat, to be a warrior. I don’t believe there’s a soldier in the IDF who was so much like me in line, “says Weizmann.

“I realized that my goal is to be in the army,” he said, “I started at guard and finished as the company best. I was hoping to get to the Golani and got the dream, and the name was chosen to be the best company. We have no class, and every time someone in trouble facing me so I could talk to the person and his hands.

Weizman comes from DS. As he sees things, religion helped him do.
The right choice. The name “chose the right path. I’m glad and sound. I felt tired and started to repent until today I say so much
I can “.

Today sees himself Instituto hebreo: continues to contribute. “I want to continue.
To set. To get a bit problematic Commission because the rap but I’m worth being against and contribute to the army as possible.

Donation is the keyword in the words of Sgt. Weizman, and he believes that an important role like spring protecting State security. “I remember we’ve uncovered do it
An improvised sniper’s weapon. ISA update us on suspicion of weapons is verified. When I saw him.
In front of this hottie that weapon could kill many people. It was a
You won’t forget. All received. I realized that no life week observance that is
Gotta protect those without him. After this day was the power to keep a lot of motivation. “

Translated from Hebrew