Viewed: 405 Division regimental exercise completed

The Division used a shooting night with the Merkava tank 4, not excited about mud. The assault, Colonel: “the tank in the world we need the best people.”

תאריך: 15/04/2013, 13:06    
מחבר: יעל ליבנת, אתר צה”ל

Carefully and precisely, succeeded in the Survey Division 401 fighters the last divisional destroying enemy targets. This task is well known among fighters in all arms, but not in the way you had to meet her. Division fighters. The uniqueness of the last tiny Malta as Lily-exercise in fighting distances, on their vehicle or their tools and engineering at night, dusk, performed live fire fighters when they trust
The only close them, their eyes and still been successful in destroying the enemy task complicated.

While residents of the Golan who worked in mtbachiham for the Passover holiday, from home two dozen tanks than the IDF today, Merkava Mark 4, whose top speed got over the North and taken goals. Joined last month Division fighters in intense exercise that lasted five days and concluded the regimental training, in cooperation with the air force, infantry units, and using various means sourced.

“We’re practicing to be prepared for anything,” the Commander of the Brigade, Colonel Saar. “The training team, the lone tank until the level Division. Any such practice, we practice first with the best people, then the best tanks. Mattis added that “it is true that we have the best in the world, but to make him use it properly should be the good people in the world, and I think it was a combination of both.

Today the Division is a Division, closing fast circuitry against enemy intelligence and processing in attacks on enemy, “said Colonel bright. With the end of the current training, return the tanks and engineering battalions of the Brigade to protect the critical state lines, as they did before practice in the Gaza Strip, where he participated in action during operation “pillar” and operational activity. Today, as the bone marrow, they return to the ongoing security also prepared and trained than ever before.

Translated from Hebrew